10 Bollywood Movies That Have Explored India Meticulously

10 Bollywood Movies That Have Explored India Meticulously

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Bollywood is known for the over the top exaggeration in its cinema. And to be honest, we sort of like it don’t we? Loud music, nonsensical dance sequences and high running dramatic scenes filled with emotions, Bollywood is all this yet so much more than this. There are movie genres like action, drama, comedy, romantic but a typical Bollywood movie is all this rolled up into one. But despite all this Bollywood movies have evolved over the years. From biographies to animation, Bollywood has spread its wings to do more than the usual thing. And with that Bollywood has managed to tingle around a particular topic, which is an essential part of our lifestyle. Travel!

And travel movies have been hitting the screens for quite some time now. Like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or Queen or Dil Dhadakne Do all these movies have imbibed the travel part amazingly but didn’t feather the Indian diaspora. But there are movies which have lingered though the beaches to waterfall to deserts to mountain of this magnificent country. Here are the top 10 movies which have explored India in meticulous manner.
1. Highway

Highway was not a movie about social message or Stockholm syndrome, the movie was more than that. The movie explored the country in such a close manner that showed various colors and people of this country. From wintry Haryana to cold Kashmir, the movie showed how different the weather in different states. (Image Credit: UTV Motion Pictures)

2. Jab We Met


While most of the people would remember this movie being about the Geet or Aditya, the movie very subtly tells the picturesque valleys of India, especially from the northern part. Shimla-Manali route was so well explored that after the movie, the tourists flock the hill station. (Image Credit: Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd.)

3. Roja

Yes, the movie is about nationalism and patriotism but the sequences in the movie which showed the beauty of Kashmir and steep mountains is something that no other movie has been able to capture. And FYI this was AR Rahman’s first Bollywood movie which also earned him his first Filmfare award. (Image Credit: Kavithalayaa Productions/Pyramid)

4. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani


After this movie hit the screens, the tickets – be it hotels or flights or buses, to Manali was near impossible to get, especially during winters. The movie has been an inspiration to many young Indians to live the life they wanted and even ‘love’ can wait in your life but not career. And if your career is to travel then one should do it no matter what. (Image Credit: UTV Motion Pictures)

5. Dil Chahta Hai


Cult is the word people use when it comes to explaining a movie like Dil Chahta Hai. The movie has made Goa trips famous among the Indian youngsters all over the country. (Image Credit: Excel Entertainment)

6. Chennai Express


Rohit Shetty is one such Bollywood director who can turn a bad script into worse movie. Given his track record failure of making a good movie, he does a pretty good job when it comes to showcasing the country. And in the movie Chennai Express, he has showed the southern part of India like no other director. (Image Credit: UTV Motion Pictures)

7. Swades


No way an Indian can talk about nationalism and has not seen this movie. Swades is by far the best movie (by the standards of a typical Bollywood movie) Indian audiences have ever seen. The movie depicts the rural Indian life perfectly. The movie tells us that if one wants, can bring a change in this country. (Image Credit: UTV Motion Pictures)

8. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge


Yes, the major part of the movie was shot in the beautiful Europe. But when it comes to showcasing the beauty and richness of Punjab, this movie beat everyone. The movie showcased the culture and rowdiness of the state. The movie showed how beautiful the state is during spring season. (Image Credit: Yash Raj Films)

9. 3 Idiots


This movie, despite being a major entertainer, showed the beauty of Ladakh in a very underhanded manner. While most of the movie takes place in the plains of the country, the short road trip up in Ladakh made travel hungry people take trip to the north quite frequently. (Image Credit: Relaince Entertainments)

10. Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd.

As bizarre the name of this movie was, equally awesome the movie depicted Goa. While Dil Chahta Hai showed how beautifully Goa is for single people, Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd showed that it is also an amazing destination for couples. Another movie that comes close to show the beauty of Goa is Finding Fanny. (Image Credit: Excel Entertainments)


Featured Image Credit: UTV Motion Pictures