10 Natural Ways To Tackle Holi 'Bhangover'

10 Natural Ways To Tackle Holi 'Bhangover'

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10 Ways To Tackle Bhang Hangover

For most of us, Holi is basically an excuse to slip some Bhang into our system. Bhang consumption is at its peak during Holi as several Bhang based delicacies are prepared during this time. You have the Bhang Thandaayi, Bhang Pakodas, Bhang Barfi, and even Bhang Ice Cream these days. But once the intoxicating effects of Bhang (and other alcoholic concoctions) subside, your body experiences the infamous ‘Bhangover’ which can ruin the next day for you. We give you 10 ways to cope up with the post-Holi Bhangover.

No Tea or Coffee

10 Ways To Tackle Hangover During HoliContrary to popular belief, tea or coffee can worsen your Bhangover. Although there’s no morning without a cup of coffee for most of us, excessive caffeine content in these beverages isn’t really going to help after a day full of ‘herbal’ intoxication. Coffee is said to have a diuretic effect, depleting water from the body.

Hydration Therapy

10 Ways To Tackle Hangover During HoliIf your body lacks sufficient water, then Bhang will have a really bad effect on you. It is highly recommended that you increase your water intake if you’ve consumed Bhang or are going to consume it. In short, stay hydrated!

Green Is Good

10 Ways To Tackle Hangover During HoliGrab a cup of green tea, or jasmine tea, or even rose tea. Herbal teas are low on caffeine and have a soothing effect on your insides. Moreover, anti-oxidants present in these beverages further help the cause of tackling Bhangover.


10 Ways To Tackle Hangover During HoliLemon water is perhaps the most popular and effective means of countering Bhangover. Vitamin C and anti-oxidants present in lemon water play a big role in countering the heaviness associated with Bhangover.

Keep Eating

10 Ways To Tackle Bhang HangoverNever let your stomach become a gas container. Keep eating as consuming Bhang on an empty stomach can prove to be disastrous for you. Keep entertaining the munchies and try to stay away from oily and fried food. This will help the body to expel the herbs in the right amount of time.

Fibre Foods to the Rescue

10 Ways To Tackle Bhang HangoverWhip up some fruit or vegetarian salads for your Bhang experience. High fibre foods act as anti-oxidants and help in fighting the intoxicating effects of Bhang.


10 Ways To Tackle Bhang HangoverThis isn’t a hard one. All that Bhang will do enough to help you fall asleep peacefully. But in any case, don’t try to force yourself into staying awake. If your headache continues to bother you, find a noiseless shady room and close your eyes to escape. It’s like hitting the F5 (Refresh) button on your computer.

Fruits Are Good

10 Ways To Tackle Bhang HangoverFruits do you a lot of good in general and especially when you’re involved in an intense battle with your Bhangover. You can drink apple juice, pineapple juice, or even mix fruit juice to hydrate and refurbish your body system.

Take a Shower

10 Ways To Tackle Bhang HangoverShowers are always refreshing. Moreover, warm water showers are good for your nerves and help in countering drowsiness, body ache, and headache. A long shower will surely be effective in tackling Bhangover.

Take a Walk

10 Ways To Tackle Bhang HangoverYes you won’t really feel like walking but an energizing walk in fresh air will help you in coping up with the annoying after-effects of Bhang. Push yourself for a walk and you will surely return in a much better mood.





Here's hoping that Bhang will help you make the most of Holi celebrations and the after effects won't be much of a problem. But in case the experience starts to turn sour, you can always use the above options to tackle 'Bhangover'.

(Disclaimer: We do not encourage the consumption of Bhang in any form. This article is meant for educational purpose only.)