10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe

March 8, 2018 11:30 AM |

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe Women simply love to travel and explore what is out there. And, the best way to explore the wilderness is to pack a bag and travel alone without taking responsibility of anybody else. Isn’t it fun to be free from the everyday baggage that all you woman carry with that brilliant smile on your face? Well, take some time out for yourself and become a globetrotter. The world is not a scary place, after all. We bring you 10 safest places that every woman must travel to.

Quebec City, Canada

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe Canada has made great progress when it comes to taking care of women safety. One of the best places where you should travel is to Quebec City, safest city in Canada and one of the most picturesque locations in the world. Go click selfies, eat good food and have the time of your life!

Copenhagen, Denmark

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe When you are in the happiest country in the world, who needs to worry about safety. The crime rates in Copenhagen are very low and women need not worry about any kind of harassment or their safety in this beautiful city. Enjoy the nightlife, dress as you want and get drunk because you are in Denmark.

Singapore City, Singapore

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe Singapore tops the list of the safest countries in Asia for female travelers. No pickpocketing, no fear of men ogling at you and yes, you own the night. The city has a lot to offer and it is quite safe for women to travel on their own.


Dublin, Ireland

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe Who doesn’t want to travel to Ireland for Irish whisky, coffee, and of course friendly people? Dublin can be a fun city to visit and is safe for solo female travelers. Nobody bothers you and the welcoming attitude of people is bound to make you feel safe. Make sure you click a lot of pictures. Go ahead, eat, drink, click, and repeat!

Dubai, UAE

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe It’s the Middle East, well yes it is but it is the coolest and the safest city in the entire region. The city allows you to be you and if you are a woman you are treated with more respect. Ask any woman if she felt safe while in Dubai, the answer will always be a yes. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags and take a flight to Dubai.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe What could go wrong in Amsterdam? It is one of the top 25 safest cities in the world for women. The city is safe for solo women travelers, even after dark. The best part is that public transport is busy even during the wee hours of the morning. All you need to do is enjoy the beautiful European city and have the time of your life. Related post: 6 Natural Disasters Named After Women

Bali, Indonesia

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe Bali is on every woman’s travel list. And, why wouldn’t it be, the place is nothing less than heaven. Beautiful beaches, amazing drinks and the food, there is no way you can turn down an opportunity to visit Bali. Sit by the beach, take a stroll while sipping your drink and enjoy nature at its best.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe If you are a woman and are travelling to Ho Chi Minh, you are in one of the safest places on Earth. Don’t be afraid to travel alone and just enjoy the Vietnamese culture, food and the picturesque surroundings. Pack your bags right away!

San Jose, Costa Rica

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe If you are travelling to Costa Rica alone, your visit will be problem free. The people are friendly and the place is nothing less than amazing. Don't be surprised if somebody calls you "mi amor", "que belleza", or "rica mami". It is just a compliment and no disrespect is meant. Simply smile away!

Hilo, Hawaii, USA

10 Safest Places for Women Across the Globe Although there are many safe places for solo female travelers in the United States, but Hawaii being the travel hub attracts a lot of tourists. And, yes the picturesque island is very safe to visit. Nobody bothers you and gives you your space. Hilo is one of the cities in Hawaii you must visit. Make sure you try the delicious Hawaiian cocktails and explore the place to experience the best of the city.

Travel light without a care in the world. In these places you do not need to worry about your safety, all you need to make sure is that time doesn’t run out before you have tick marked all the to do things on your list.

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