12 travel destinations in India that every traveller must visit every month

12 travel destinations in India that every traveller must visit every month

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"To travel is to live”

Hans Christian Andersen’s words and dream of all of ours. Travel is the best remedy for any ill happening in your life.

It incites interests to explore the world unseen and intensifies the desire to explore of being alive. When we travel we shed our old selves and mundane routine for daily lives and feel alive to see the world like never before.

Time flies, and soon the places that exists or are of the best time to be seen might just vanish away in thins air.

Before the phenomenon, Global Warming takes us into a dystopian future take a look at the list of 12 destinations around India you can visit all 12 months of the year.

January – Lakshwadeep Islands


Often less visited by tourists in general, these islands at the southern part of the country offer an ideal break for the winter months as the tropical atmosphere plays the ideal host. A shelter for the adventure lovers, these secluded islands offer plentiful chances of water games exercises, for example, Scuba diving, snorkeling , kayaking and surfing!

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February – Jaisalmer


February is a romantic month and is one of the perfect months to visit this desert city of India. Summer is has to wait long to knock on the doors of Jaisalmer and the atmosphere is charming and neither hot nor more chilly. A three daylong Desert Festival celebration is packed with musical exhibitions, folk dancing, craft and art fairs and many more attraction.

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March – Varanasi


In the month of March, the city of ghats hosts to an enormous festive custom known as Mahashivratri. Offering their regards to Lord Shiva, enthusiasts herd to the ghats i.e. the spot where the waterway water of the Ganges meets the area. A festive activity you cannot afford to miss.

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