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4 Ways Businesses can Gain Followers on TikTok 2021

June 12, 2021 1:00 PM |


The new kid on the block of social media is TikTok, a Chinese-founded application that has taken the world by storm. Due to its entertainment value, it has brought in over 500 million daily active users who clearly cannot get enough of the videos being shared on the app.

TikTok was founded in 2016 as an app for mobile devices that allows users to share short entertaining videos with their friends and other followers. While the majority of users are young, it has also caught the attention of older demographics which makes it an app that reaches across age groups. This has made it very lucrative for businesses to join the platform too, which has led to growth services like TokUpgrade launching, which is used for increasing TikTok followers organically. You will notice that some of the challenges on the app have people from all ages participating due to its family-oriented nature. Influencers have not taken a back seat in the success of the app and are taking advantage of the possibilities through TikTok.

Growing your following may seem challenging but with some tips, it may be a piece of cake with some patience. Here are some of tips.

Know Your Audience

In business, they say the customer is king which basically means with whatever a business envisions regarding its product or service, the customer has to be at the centre of it. With TikTok, the saying goes even further. Followers in different niches have different kinds of content that appeal to them which accounts on TikTok need to take into account. This helps you generate content that is appealing, entertaining and relatable to capture and engage users. Additionally, it is not just about creating content but engaging where great content is to create awareness to potential followers of your account. This can be through comments and sharing content created by your audience. Understanding your audience is easier through niches such as fashion, art, cooking and fitness.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are like pods that you will find similar beans in. They gather data based on similar topics which makes it easier for users to find content that specifically relates to them and allows them to engage with like-minded users. Hashtags also allow users to understand the kind of content that adds value to their followers. You can generate ideas for content or reuse content found in hashtags that may already be generating traffic to possibly replicate that traffic to your account. While you have the option of using 30 hashtags, 4-5 hashtags are best. Some popular hashtags are #comedy, #dance and #prank.

Understand the Trends

The world of TikTok is ever changing with different trends taking the app by storm. In order to grow your following, it is important to keep an eye out to capitalise on any that your followers are particularly interested in. Some of the trends that hit TikTok are viral hashtag challenges that may include dances or memes. These challenges engage users by challenging them to create a similar video based on a specific theme that they will post using the hashtag of the challenge. These videos get posted on the app and join in on the hype generated by the challenge. The engagement created between users through challenges is a great way to gain followers by either participating in the challenge or commenting about the challenges.

Engage and Work with Creators

Social media is all about people connecting with each other in the virtual world. People want to still know that there is a human on the other side of their screen and the way they know this is through comments and participation in the challenges on TikTok. Additionally, accounts can create their own challenges that they can share on the app. Other creators may already have popularity on TikTok and collaborating with them may propel your page to where it needs to be, building on the rapport and experiences of the creators. To increase your engagement on TikTok, you can get legit TikTok comments.


TikTok has a lot of great value for users whether it is a personal or business account. Users can take advantage of the app by using hashtags, trends, engaging and observing and engaging in niches to get more followers. Using these avenues allows users to meet with your account and potentially, engage and follow. Every user on TikTok is always looking for something to enjoy and if an account can provide that, it becomes easy to gain followers.

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