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4 ways to increase Instagram followers

June 12, 2021 1:00 PM |

Instagram Marketing

The world has shifted into a technical era and social media has taken the world by storm, fast becoming a massive phenomenon. Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram is at the top of the pyramid and has grown significantly from an elegant photo-sharing platform, to people go-to place to share their lives with their followers. Even brands and businesses love social media because it allows them to reach their audiences. Instagram is about aesthetically pleasing content but as time has evolved, we have noticed more reliable ways to gain followers. Instagram’s algorithm rewards people for using these 4 things that help people grow their follower count.

Engagement, engagement, engagement

The trick to growing followers on social media is to stay active and engage with your followers. To engage means to interact and there are many ways to engage including:

● Like
● Comment
● Reply to comments
● Follow
● Direct Message
● Share
● Host polls
● Host questionnaires

Engagement is so important and the benefits are huge. You grow your audience, expand your reach, attract more followers and establish a personality online. Not to mention engaging keeps you relevant on the Instagram streets. Learn more here on why should you buy Insta likes.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are considered the driving force of Instagram and you should make sure that you always use them when you post content. A hashtag is a word or a series of words that begin with the “#” symbol. The reason you want to always use hashtags is because they make your posts more discoverable and they expose your content to a wider audience outside of your own. There are a wide variety of hashtags. You get product or service hashtags, Industry hashtags, branded hashtags, campaign hashtags and event hashtags to name a few. You have to ensure that the hashtags you use are relevant, you don’t want to just use any random and unrelated hashtag with your post. One way businesses have managed to find relevant hashtags is by using hashtag generators, such as TaskAnt, to create the most popular and engaged hashtags for each individual post. Hashtags are a good way to engage with your followers, open up new ways of communication and it increases brand recognition and awareness.

Have a look

Instagram is all about the visuals and you need to make sure that your page is aesthetically pleasing to ensure you grab your audience’s attention. To ensure you have a good look for your profile you could do things such as make it colourful, you could use the same filter or even post black and white photos only. These are just a few examples. It is top priority that your content is beautiful and visually appealing so don’t slack in this department. If you have a visually pleasing profile you will attract more followers, have more engagement and interactions. Most people remember what they see more than what they read or hear so really take advantage of this information. Unique and cohesive Instagram aesthetics can improve brand recognition and overall business success. You want to use your visuals to convey your brand's voice and personality as well as make your content recognizable.

Relevant content

We have already covered the fact that Instagram is a visual space but it is important to remember that what works on other platforms does not necessarily work on Instagram. You need to have a niche, this is very important. Once you have your niche whether it be fashion, beauty, nature or food, you need to produce content relevant to your niche because that is your community and these are the people that you are looking to get engagement and support from so you need to give the people the content that they want to see from you in order to gain more followers. If you are in the food niche, you cannot confuse your audience by all of a sudden posting beauty content. Do not confuse your audience. Becoming focused on your niche helps you produce content that aligns with your goals and prevents you from posting for the sake of posting. You need to consider if there is a big enough market for your niche.

At the end of the day, it just takes some consistency and a good strategy to increase your followers on Instagram. Remember to engage (this is very important), use hashtags with every post, have an Instagram Aesthetic and post relevant content.

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