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5 Interesting things at home you can recycle

April 24, 2013 1:42 PM |

Your home is a treasure trove of items that can be reused or recycled. When you change your perspective on throwing things away you’ll automatically find yourself looking at everyday objects in a different light. Here are some things you can very easily re cycle at home.

Aluminum Foil                                          

Place foil behind plants in the shade to reflect light on them.

Place a vessel with water and food over a foil platter in a sunny spot. Keep some foil at the back of the vessel as well and you’ll have your own solar cooker.

Spread out the foil lining from used bags; make a foil tray and dry tomatoes, meat, and herbs on it for a delicious summer treat.

Use leftover foil to pack any item that needs waterproofing, such as photos, old films, etc.

Old Keys

Decorative keys can be shined up and used as pendants, earrings and belt danglers.  You can even use a set of keys to create metal belts.

If you have too many keys, donate or sell them to a metal unit who can recycle and use them in manufacturing other products.


Create bags, aprons, skirts, patchwork quilts and such items with old jeans. They cost nothing and look very fashionable.

Donate old jeans at NGOs for other needy kids to use it.

Hair clips

Wash, dry and use soft plastic clips to bind creepers to support poles in your garden.

Use hair bobbles to hold back curtains

Wine corks

Use them to cork bottles of homemade sauces, oils and preserves.

Cut wine corks into circles, color them and thread them, interspersed with other beads, into necklaces and belts.

Prop up garden pots with wine corks to aid drainage.

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