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5 Places You Must Avoid During Monsoon

July 14, 2024 9:00 AM |

Places To Avoid During Monsoon

Cloudy skies, frequent spells of rain, cool windy conditions, and freshness in the air are basic characteristics of a Monsoon.  We all love going out during Monsoon. Pleasant weather conditions are a pre-requisite for heading out. And when it comes to Monsoon, the weather teases you and all of a sudden, you become pro-active.

But every season demands a change in your daily lifestyle.  The same is true for Monsoon as well. After all, Monsoon is the season of allergies and infections. We must be careful when we make plans during Monsoon. You must not make mistakes while traveling during Monsoon and you should avoid certain places altogether. After all, health is wealth. We take a look at a few places which you must avoid during Monsoon.

Public Restrooms

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Places To Avoid During MonsoonIf you can resist the urge, then do it. Public restrooms are carriers of several infections and diseases.  During Monsoon, the increased moisture in the air and the dampness in public washrooms allow germs to rest peacefully. If you have to use a washroom, be sure to use your hand sanitizer once you’re done with your business.

Street Food Stalls

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Places To Avoid During MonsoonThe tempting aroma of street food magnifies during Monsoon. Oily, buttery, and simply mouth-watering Samosas, Momos, Chaat, and what not lay decorated in front of you. But one must exercise restraint. Even the best street food is unhygienic and can cause stomach problems (at times serious), hamper your digestion process, and/or lead to food poisoning. It is better to prepare street food items at home and just imagine that you got them packed from outside!

Swimming Pool

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Places To Avoid During MonsoonFor some of us, relaxing can be defined as a few strokes in a swimming pool. But before you head towards the diving board, be assured that you are actually diving into a pool of diseases and infections. Public pools are used by almost anyone to everyone and are in fact really dirty. Pools are host to feces, bacteria, recreational water illnesses (RWIs), chlorine, and what not. With your immunity system already battling Monsoon allergies and infections, you don’t want to test it further.


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Places To Avoid During MonsoonIf you live on the 15th floor, then you may have no other option but to take the elevator. But if you’re settling somewhere in the single digits then you must consider ignoring the elevator and taking the stairs instead. An elevator is a small compressed compartment where a single sneeze or cough can change the next morning (week?) for you. Moreover, taking the stairs is healthy for you and can also keep you safe from possible health problems during Monsoon.

Busy Markets

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Places To Avoid During MonsoonAs a shopaholic you tend to explore new markets to exploit every month. But Monsoon may not be the best time to visit busy marketplaces. More people translate into a higher vulnerability of you catching infections and/or aggravating your allergic conditions. It is best to avoid crowded marketplaces and shopping malls during Monsoon. You can go for other unexplored and not-so-busy marketplaces to satisfy your shopping buds!

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