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5 Tips To Maintain Your Car Radiator

June 23, 2021 10:00 AM |

Car Radiator

If you are facing overheating issues with your automobile, it is possibly due to the overworking of a particular automotive - the radiator. Your car radiator is responsible for cooling down your engine. However, sometimes due to too much pressure, it might fail. The best way to ensure this does not happen is to get your automobile regularly serviced or take certain measures to maintain the radiator.

Despite that, if you need to get your radiator to be changed or replaced, you can check out the car radiator from Here you will get a list of the best quality automobile radiators at the best possible price.

But first, let us understand what a radiator is and what its functions are.

Car Radiator

What is a Radiator and what are its functions?

The internal combustion engines of automobiles are cooled down with the help of heat exchangers which are known as Radiators. These radiators are mostly made out of a pair of plastic or metal header tanks with several narrow tunnels inside them which are all linked by an aluminum core. While radiators are mostly found in automobiles, they can also be found in other machines which use an engine like railway locomotives, piston-engined aircraft, etc.

A liquid known as engine coolant is utilized when the cooling is done for the internal combustion engines. This engine coolant is first passed by the engine block and there it gets heated. Thereafter it is passed to the radiator and there it is cooled down and then sent back to the engine. In an automobile, the radiator is connected to the cylinder head and the engine with the help of several channels.

However, these radiators tend to get damaged from time to time. If your radiators need a replacement, you can check out the car radiator from Boodmo. Their wide range of products ensures that you can get the perfect one for your car. Car radiators from Boodmo also go through quality checks so that only the best possible radiators are available for you.

Car Radiator

Now that we understand how important a radiator is to our automobile, let us see some tips on how we can maintain these radiators.

5 Tips To Maintain Your Car Radiator

Given below are a few tips and tricks you can keep in mind for maintaining your car radiator:

1. Proper Servicing: The most important step for maintaining your car radiator is performing regular checks and servicing. This will allow you to detect problems early on, thus saving you extra expenses after your radiator gets damaged and needs replacing. Well-maintained radiators can easily work for the entire lifetime of your car. However, if it is not serviced properly, it can lead to overheating and seizing of your car, costing you a fortune.

2. Flush Your Radiator: Regular flushing of the radiator is necessary to ensure the well-being of your radiator. Make sure to flush the radiator every year or at least every 30,000 km your automobile has traveled. This will help remove any residue, dirt, or rust building up inside your radiator which will obstruct its smooth functioning.

3. Check for Leakage: While changing the oil in your car, always keep an eye for cracks and leaks on the radiator hose. You should also periodically check for any drips or leaks under your engine. Also, make sure you look out for any rusty lumps and ensure that the gasket on your radiator cap is fitted properly.

4. Check Fluids: You should know the exact level of coolant to maintain in your car. Maintaining the optimum level of coolant in your car will ensure that your automobile does not get damaged in extreme climates. A low amount of coolant during hot weather will lead to overheating of the car or freezing of fluids during cold weather.

5. Avoid Overloading: Overloading is one of the major reasons for overheating your car. This happens because the more load your car has to bear, the more the radiator has to work to maintain engine cooling, resulting in overworking and overheating of your automobile. Also, if your vehicle ever overheats due to this, avoid adding water instantly. Give your vehicle some time to cool and then add water, if necessary. Thus you should always check for the optimum amount of weight your vehicle is permitted to carry, sparing it from the extra load and all the trouble.

Car Radiator


Car radiators play very important roles in maintaining the well-being of our engines and cars. While these auto parts often tend to be overlooked, they have a vital role in the smooth operation of our engines. So we should always take good care of these auto parts. With the help of the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you will be able to take good care of this automotive, thus ensuring the well-being of your automobile as well.

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