5 ways to drive safely on slippery roads

5 ways to drive safely on slippery roads

11:41 AM


Rain time is great to sing, dance and live but driving on a rainy day is not fun. Automobile accidents and crashed occur more on the rainy days as roads are slippery. It has also caused several accidents and even deaths. It is just unfortunate as no one can predict it so if it is necessary to go out on the roads due to some important meeting, meeting someone or going to hospital; must consider the important actions you should take to be an expert in driving.

It is important to say no to the accidents and deaths caused by slippery roads as chances increased to get hit by a truck due to bad conditions. If someone forgets about the danger on the roads and do not take careful measures; he might be involved in the hazard. Here are the 5 tips for you to avoid the slippery roads in your area that you must take into consideration.

Slow down

It is essential to drive slowly when it is raining. The chances increase up-to twice when you are driving at higher speed and the roads are slippery. You can avoid hydroplaning if you drive slowly. You put your life on danger when you are driving in speed in the usual days and it is more likely to be in high risk of accident in rainy season. Do not be in hurry even if you are running late. There is no excuse for the loss. If you are going unhurriedly and driving gently you can easily apply the brakes in case of emergency.

It makes you mindful about when to apply the brakes. As the weather is already not appropriate for driving, the too much force applied for the braking can lead you to accident due to hydroplaning. The moisture on the roadways make it difficult to stop the car but if you are cautious, you can evade the danger easily.

You can also keep an eye on the other drivers and understand the whereabouts if you are going slowly.

Turn the headlights on

If the visibility is low or it is the night time plus the wet roads and rain, then you must turn on the headlights of the car and use the wipers on the windshield. It is also a traffic law in most of the countries.

Plan your journey

It is compulsory to check the weather conditions, traffic and road conditions before you plan your trip or drive. It is a must for the drive on the highway. Never go out when you see a warning in the news about the accidents occurring due to rain until it is really important.

Wear your seat belt

Seat belt is a compulsory thing even in ordinary days and the importance of seat belt increases in the rainy days. Make sure the driver and all the passengers have fastened the seat belts before the journey start. It is known that most of the accidents prove tragic when the drivers or passengers are not wearing seat belts. The chances of death are reduced to half if you fasten the belt while driving. It keeps the passengers safe if the accident occurs unluckily due to the car slips on the road. The seat belt is the foremost safety measure for minimizing the injuries.

Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

There should be a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. In case there is a need to apply the brakes suddenly as you feel the tyres are getting slipped; the car will not run into the car. It is great way to avoid hitting the car just because the road are not friendly for driving. In some ill-fated situations the car in front of you is slipped due to wet road the distance will safe you in getting hit into it and causing more disaster.

Image Credit: Al Jazeera