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7 reasons to date Delhi’s Winter

March 4, 2024 8:00 AM |

beautiful Delhi’s Winter

Pristine is how one can define Delhi during winter. The scorching sunshine becomes simmering.  The dust settles with the dew and colours come alive. Steam escapes from tea kettles and blends with the bitter cold air. Every morning is genuinely a 'good morning'. If you believe in love at first sight, you must visit Delhi during winter. The green city with its vast forest covers, parks and wide open spaces, screams for attention during winters. There's so much to do and so much to see in Delhi during winter. So where are you headed? Let's go over some liberating experiences, which you can treat yourself to during, Dilli Ki Sardi.

College Fiesta

College fest is the most exciting time in a student’s life. And where better to enjoy that time if not in the hub of universities! Come winters, cometh the fun.
If you think of college fests, think of Delhi, as it dons the hat of a perfect winter host. Global musicians and performers, local flavours and exciting fun activities, all come under one roof. Basking in the sun while imbibing the foot tapping live performances - How can you miss this!

Bond over Bonfire

House parties are to Delhi what clubbing is to Mumbai. It is a synonym. The balmy winter evenings get balmier with bonfire parties. Bonding with family or friends, is the perfect recipe for an ideal Delhi wintery evening.

Spirit Indulgence

A glass of wine, some whiskey in the jar, or perhaps a marathon of tequila shots! Delhiites love their poison. Winters invite a lot of 'car-o-bars' which can be spotted all over the city. Disposable glasses and chunks of ice seal the friendship and memories forever. Even teetotalers should ‘make it large’ during Delhi winters. One for the road!

Escape in Esplanade

You know it is winter when giant Christmas Trees, floating mistletoe, and a variety of colorful props are combined with some excellent lighting techniques to welcome you at the door. Honestly speaking, one can see a tiny Delhi-like ecosystem inside each mall. It's like trying to get to know Delhi, but in parts.

Tarmac Test

Statutory Warning: Don’t blame the Delhi winter if you get carried away while driving on a host of expressways Delhi has to offer. If monsoon was just enough to assure you a memorable ride, winter will cement that experience. People tend to take the long way home and the 'road-rage' aspect of driving is pretty much neutralized during winters.

Winter Wardrobe

From classy cardigans to fancy dress items, the street shops in Delhi have stood the test of time. Unbelievably economical and simply irresistible is how one can introduce the super-charged shopping environment in Delhi to an outsider. Just like India Gate and Red Fort, street shopping too is an integral part of Delhi. The highly fashionable overcoats in Sarojini Nagar and the wide range of scarves in Lajpat turn every neck in the house.

PS- Don't forget to bargain!

Travel Cafes

If you wish to stay away from the loudness that Delhi brings with it during winters, you can always choose to sit back & relax in one of the travel cafes of the city. Travel Cafes as a concept are new to Delhi but they're gaining popularity. This is mainly due to the calm & quiet which they offer. You won't find chairs and tables here. Instead, you'll find mattresses & cushions, books & music, and a 'make-it-yourself' coffee pot sitting in the corner. Cafes like Kunzum Cafe and Fursat Se (both located in Hauz Khas Village) are known to organize theme based events and exotic trekking trips for those interested.

It is time to look beyond archaeological wonders and overcrowded hangouts. So stay covered with wraps but keep your options, OPEN!

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