8 Things We Love About Monsoon

8 Things We Love About Monsoon

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Things We Love About Monsoon

We often discuss the selling point of Monsoon. What makes it such a popular season? How does it lure us in? From children to grown-ups, there’s a little something for everyone during Monsoon. The season is all about thundering clouds, cracking lightning, and the freshness in the air when it starts to rain.

We all like to celebrate the beauty of Monsoon in our own special ways. Let’s take a look at things that we all love about Monsoon.

Evening Walks

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Things We Love About MonsoonLush green avenues in and around your house become crowded during Monsoon. Once it begins to rain, colors get brighter and the air freshens up. It’s hard to resist the temptation of taking a casual evening stroll. Evening walks are totally in during Monsoon.

Hot Samosas

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Things We Love About MonsoonIndian cuisine offers a variety of snacks, right from simple street-eats to exotic dine-in preparations. But no snack has been able to match the taste and popularity of samosas. The first bite of the crispy, steamy, and tangy samosa is something we all crave during Monsoon.

Masala Chai

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Things We Love About MonsoonIndia is the largest producer and consumer of tea. Not only this, when it comes to tea variants, we have loads of options to offer. But masala chai is a hot beverage which completes the Monsoon experience. You can have one early in the morning or in the evening. The taste, the aroma, and the health attributes of masala chai make it a must have during Monsoon. You can also go for herbal teas during Monsoon.

Dancing in the rain

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Things We Love About MonsoonNo not the song, quite literally so! For some of us, it is customary to dance during Monsoon. Dancing in the rain is a habit we all entertained when we were kids. But even today, when the rain drops make that hushed up sound, dancing in the rain seems like a good idea. You’re never too old to do/live it you know?


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Things We Love About MonsoonPhotographers simply cherish the idea of going out with their cameras during Monsoon. The colors are brighter, the shades more impressive, and the overall ambience is inviting to say the least. From cellphone photographers and ‘I have a Facebook Photography Page’ shutterbugs, to serious professionals, everyone makes the most of this season.


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Things We Love About MonsoonUsually, rainbows stay limited to our desktop wallpapers and mobile screens. But during Monsoon, rainbows aren’t that difficult to spot. Yes, you won’t get to see a wallpaper like the one your desktop screen, but even then, the view is simply majestic.


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Things We Love About MonsoonHow can we describe our love for Monsoon without mentioning music? Some songs are simply meant to be heard during Monsoon. They’re exclusive to Monsoon as if they were composed for the season only. Generally speaking, your playlist becomes more fruitful and relevant to you during Monsoon. Classic Rock, Hip-Hop, Pop, Bollywood, or Blues, the genre hardly matters. They’re all fit to make it to the Monsoon playlist.

Creative Outburst

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Things We Love About MonsoonEven before the rain drops make contact with the Earth’s surface, our hearts and minds begin to work in sync with each other. A new chapter in that book you’re writing; another line to those incomplete songs and poems; strokes of your brush on the canvas; and sense of limitlessness and liberation all erupt together during Monsoon. For the creative lot, Monsoon is the season when they bloom.

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