Air Pollution: Know what precautions to take before, during and after Diwali

Air Pollution: Know what precautions to take before, during and after Diwali

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The festival of lights is just around the corner and the streets are buzzing with sheer and happiness. However, every year with Diwali, the ghost of pollution also returns. All this is due to firecrackers emitting smoke and harmful pollutants. This year, the Supreme Court has banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR but are allowed in the other parts of the country. Take a look at the preparations which should be taken care of before, during and after Diwali.

Tips to keep in mind before Diwali

To Boost immunity: One needs to have a great immunity to fight air pollution. Drink lots of water and increase intake of fluids. Avoid eating oily food items on the days before the celebration. "Aside from that, specific food items like apples, apricots, broccoli, walnuts, and beans contain a decent amount of nutrients which are useful for lungs and building immunity.


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Asthma Patients: Keep your inhalers refills in stock and check the expiry date of the inhaler as the pollution level is on a hike during the festival of Diwali. Likewise, purchase the other medicines beforehand, as most shops are shut amid the celebration.

Buy eco-friendly Diya's and LED lights as they consume less electricity.


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Tips to keep in mind during Diwali:

In case of loss of breath or chocking: Do not freeze. Go to a territory where there is less smoke and take deep breaths. Use a wet fabric as a veil to abstain from taking in polluted air. In case the problem increases, visit a doctor.

For individuals with respiratory issues: Try to refrain yourself from the smoke. If you feel snugness in the chest or feel short of breath, utilize an inhaler promptly. If you don't get relief or don't have an inhaler with you, then reach out for the nearest medical aid. Chest tightness may proclaim looming respiratory failure. hence, be cautious.

Precautions for children and infants: Children shouldn't be left on their own. Buy crackers which do not emit extremely dangerous fumes as there are very injurious to health. Keep them away from crackers which produce fire. Keep the infants inside the house and keep the window sheets close so that polluted air doesn't go into the house.

Tips for elderly individuals: Similar care ought to be taken for old individuals. If they take part in burning fireworks, ensure they wear a security cover. Additionally, maintain distance from half burnt crackers. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes as they catch fire very quickly.


Things to do after Diwali

Usually, on the next day of Diwali, the skyline is covered with a thick layer of haze that does not disseminate for many days after Diwali. This time, confine yourself to your house, as the air is polluted to a dangerous extent. If possible, wear a mask before stepping out of the house.

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Do not exercise in open: Try not to go for a walk or exercise in the open and abstain yourself from exercising during the morning hours. Carry on with your workout sessions indoor only.  Clean the surroundings, which get littered with the remainings of crackers. Think about the well-being of the environment.


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