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Best diet for a healthy, younger looking skin during Monsoon

May 26, 2016 3:44 PM |

600Say bye to the scorching summer heat and welcome rains with arms wide open. Not only does monsoon gives us a relief from the hot and humid weather but also gives us the chance to have tea and pakora which is best enjoyed during rains. But along with bringing shades of rainbows in our heart, it also brings in a huge amount of bacteria and germs that enters our body through the food we eat, showing it’s after effects on our skin as well resulting in a lot of skin problems.

This is the time when your body is more prone to indigestion problems and you are more likely to suffer from stomach upsets. Hence, it is advisable to best pamper your skin and take its good care to avoid suffering from any skin ailments. Here are a few food items that you should include in your plate to get a healthy looking skin during Monsoon:

Include a lot of green veggies: It is said that all food items of different colors have an influence on your body and skin. Green vegetables are best to keep you fit this season. It is though important to wash them with water before using as that would also disinfect them from germs and bacteria.

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Stay hydrated: Water is the most important part of our body. In fact our body is made up of more than 70% water.  So keep yourself hydrated which is mandatory to keep your glow. Better to avoid caffeine and tea and best to supplement it with juices, herbal drinks and herbal tea. 3 ed

Green tea: Green tea not only helps in shedding those extra kilos but also keep your skin refreshed and glowing.


Eat seasonal fruits: Monsoon brings with it a plenty of seasonal fruits including pears, plums, litchis, pomegranate and many more. All these give the best result on your skin and body. Include those into your diet plan and make a habit of having those regularly without fail. Variety of seasonal veggies like carrot, radish and fenugreek too should be there on your plate. 5

Avoid roadside food: Though your mind and your tongue would lure for the outside eateries, it is still best to stay away from those. These roadside food are not rich in nutrients and can cause skin ailments like pimples, skin irritation, itches etc. Also, since they are less nutritional, they can also lead to problems like stomach aches and stomach upset. 6

Include lentils and soup: Lentils and pulses are best to have this season. You can get yourself tasty soups blended with lots of veggies, topping up with cream in case you are fed up having dals. 7

Limit your dairy feeds: Since dairy products are more prone of getting infected, it is best to minimize your dairy feeds. It’s better to supplement your milk intake with yogurt.

Also, stay away from stress, anger and tension that actually shows up on your skin.


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