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Can I Get India Tourist Visa Now?

December 12, 2021 11:00 AM |

India Tourist Visa

COVID-19 changed the world for travelers as there came many restrictions of movement. Unfortunately, India was hit hard, and it had many cases, which is why its borders were closed for many months. However, India is finally ready to welcome back people to their fantastic country.

You can obtain a Tourist visa in no time and visit the country to explore the rich culture and history. If you are looking to visit India, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about it.

India Tourist Evisa: The Basics

India offers an eVisa to tourists. That means you can easily obtain the visa online without any hassle. The document will allow you to enter India without meeting with the Indian consulate or embassy in your region.

All you have to do is fill the online application with your details, pay the fee, and submit the form. Once you do, the visa will be sent to your email in a few days. It is crucial to fill in the details correctly so you can get an eVisa in no time.

Unfortunately, entry is still restricted, and you can only get Business eVisa and Medical eVisa for India. The process is the same as you have to submit an online form. Of course, the details will be different.

India Business Evisa

The first reason you can travel to India is if you have some business there. Here are some of the reasons why you can apply for a Business eVisa:

• Participating in a business exhibition or fair

• Joining a project

• Business meetings

• Setting up a business

• Trade or sale of goods

• Giving lectures under the GIAN initiative

• Recruiting other people

You have to remember that you can’t apply for the Business eVisa if you want to have a job in India. If you are looking for jobs in India, you can get one, and then your employer will aid you with the visa process. You can get a Business eVisa for multiple entries, and it is valid for one year, but the maximum you can stay for business visits is 180 days.

Documents For The India Business Evisa

When it comes to filling a Business eVisa, you have to upload certain documents to ensure that you are going there for a legitimate reason. To fill the online application, you will need:

• A business card issued by the employer

• Photographs

• Passport page photo that has your personal information

• Proof of return to your country or continuing travel elsewhere

• A passport valid for six months from the date you decide to arrive in India

• Credit card to make payments

All these documents will have to be uploaded on the online application of your Business eVisa. The authorities will also ask you to show this information once you arrive in India. That is why it is crucial to have these things with you during arrival.

India Medical Evisa

Now that you are familiar with the India Business eVisa, it is time to discuss the Medical eVisa. As the name suggests, it allows you to visit India for medical purposes. That is because India has one of the best doctors worldwide that will not break your bank with hefty fees.

Many people globally come to India to seek treatment and look for the best doctors. However, you need to remember that the India Medical eVisa is ideal for people looking for short-term treatments or solutions. That is because the eVisa will be valid for one year with a maximum of three entries and a stay of sixty days each time.

If you need long-term treatment for a terminal illness, it is best that you apply through the Indian consulate. You can also bring someone to help you out during this time as you can bring two people on the Medical Attendant Visa.

Documents For The Medical Evisa

No government will hand you an eVisa without you proving why you need to visit the country. That is why you will need to upload some documents on your visa application. These include:

• Valid passport for six months

• Photos of yourself

• Passport page photo with personal information

• A letter from a hospital in India that shows the medical care you are going there for

• Credit card to make payments

• Traveling details

When you arrive in India, the immigration authorities will ask you to show these same documents. Once you do and everything is in order, they will allow you to enter in no time.

Application Process For Medical And Business Evisa

Apart from the uploading of different documents, the application process of the Medical and Business eVisa is the same. The first thing you need to do is fill the application form at The form will require you to fill in all important details and upload your pictures.

Remember that you have to follow all the instructions during this process because if your information doesn’t match, your visa will not be accepted by the Indian embassy. After you have filled in all the details, you have to submit the form and make the payment. Your eVisa application will go for a review.

Once everything is checked, and it is fine, you will receive your eVisa in your email in a few working days. Because of COVID-19, you also need to fill an online health declaration form to prove you are able to travel. You also have to upload your negative RT-PCR test on the health declaration form.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the India Tourist eVisa. Unfortunately, you can’t get a Tourist eVisa right now because of the pandemic and the number of cases in India. However, you can still visit for various reasons on the Business and Medical eVisa.

Follow all the guidelines and ensure you fill in all the details correctly to obtain a visa in no time. Once you do, you will love visiting India and doing everything you are there to do. So, if you want to visit India for business or medical reasons, you can apply for the eVisa today.

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