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Common Coffin Nails Designs In 2022

May 21, 2022 9:00 AM |

Coffin Nails Designs

If you are planning to get your nails done, then coffin nails are the perfect and ideal shape for your nails. The biggest advantage of coffin nails is that they can be done on both acrylic and natural nails. They come in a variety of design that ensures that your nails look trendy and fashionable. Coffin design of doing nails works for both short and long nails.

This design of shaping your nails is such that it matches well with any color of the nail as well as any art that you want to be done on your nails. The following are some of the most common designs of coffin nails that you can ask your stylist are compiled below.

1. Short and long coffin nails

As stated earlier, the coffin way of shaping your nails can be done for both short and long nails. This is an advantage for those who love their nails short or long. All that is required for you to rock the short nails is for your nails to extend just a little bit above your figure tips. Long coffin designs on the other hand give your nails a stylish and bold look. The difference between the short and long coffin nails is that the long coffin nails have flat tips that give your nails an edgy appearance. The long nails are usually filed such that the edges are shaped towards the center and then the tips are filed off.

2. White coffin design

The white color is very fashionable especially when paired with coffin nails. Apply a pure hue of the white color and finish off with a shiny top coat for a bold look. White gives your nails both a cool and luxurious appearance.

3. Nude coffin design

If you like to stand out and you don’t want your nails to look ordinary and common, you can try out a sophisticated nude look. With an excellent color choice of your own, nude coffin nails are the right choice for both formal and informal events.

4. 3D coffin design

This is whereby you introduce 3D designs and styles to your natural or acrylic nails. These artistic designs add an attractive and eye-catching view of your nails. The only thing that you do is settle on the best choice of designs according to your personal preferences. They could be flowers, butterflies, or even studs. The 3D designs can be done on both short and long nails.

5. Transparent coffin style

If you are into fashionable and trendy nail designs, then you can try out transparent nails with a coffin-like finish. Pick a stylish and transparent nail design and instead of completely coloring them, just make a strip on them in order to maintain the original transparent appearance. If you love to maintain the natural look of acrylic nails, then you can just apply a translucent topcoat.

6. Black coffin nails

If you are not a sophisticated person, then you can try out black coffin nails as they give you a bold and fashionable appearance. Dark nails look good with both matte and shiny finishing. Black also blends well on all occasions be it formal or informal.

7. Red coffin design

If you are up to an upcoming hot date, then red is the color to rock on your coffin nails. Red blends well for evening events and its fierce appearance is great for exciting occasions. Red does not only complement feminism, it is also dramatically sexy. Red is an eye-catching color for your nails that will keep people taking glances at you.

8. Natural coffin design

As stated earlier, coffin finish for your nails can be done on both natural and acrylic nails. If you love your natural look, try the coffin edge finish on your natural nails. The natural look can be rocked at all events and can be worn with outfits and accessories like jewelry. Natural nails with a coffin finish will not only assist in maintaining your natural appearance but also boost your confidence.

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