Delhi Winters: 10 ultimate places in Delhi to grab a cup of coffee

Delhi Winters: 10 ultimate places in Delhi to grab a cup of coffee

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Winter in Delhi is an unusually charming time. It’s that time in Delhi which allows you to enjoy its beauty without rattling yourself. And what adds the perfect weather is a great cup of coffee. A coffee and winter breeze of Delhi can make anyone fall in love with the city.

Coffee lovers know the usual spots in the city, Starbucks, Café Coffee Day or Barista may have made the art of coffee making a way tad bit too commercialize. But a true coffee connoisseur know the below mentioned places where you can get the best coffee in the capital.

1. Emperor’s Lounge, Taj Man Singh Palace

Located in the heart of the city, and at the enchanting Taj Man Singh Palace, Emperor’s Lounge is perhaps the most known brand out there for their exquisite and classic coffee. They have an exceptionally well-rounded collection of beans ranging from Aged Indian Monsoon Malabar, Colombian Medellin Supremo; a prime range of espressos as well as our favorite - a Haute Cocoa selection. It is basically gourmet in a cup at Rs.450.

2. Kunzum Travel Café, Hauz Khas Village As the name suggest, it is a traveller’s café where you can always find people who have travelled across the world sharing their stories Based on a very niche concept but a café that encourages travellers to meet up and know more about the world is always welcomed. Also this café serves the best coffee in entire Hauz Khas Village. Make sure to try their famous black coffee.

3. Rose Café, Saket

It doesn’t matter if you are not the typical romantic types, but there is something in the Rose Café’s ambience that will make you fall in love with the café. Be it the rustic pallet shades of bright colours or the surprisingly affordable menu, the place is must visit for people who would not mind a great cup of coffee.

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4. Di Ghent Café, Gurgaon A quintessential Italian décor, classic and extremely affordable menu and a great cup of coffee – Di Ghent Café in Gurgaon makes a perfect destination for the people to delight a brilliant cup of coffee. They even serve Ristrettos, Macchiatos, Affogato and the famous Cappuccino. A cup of pure decadence will cost you around Rs.110.

5. Café Turtle, GK

Free spaces, bright natural lights and surrounded by books – Café Turtle is true to its name. A time capsule one may say as the café makes you stay for hours, making you search for your next book. A cup of coffee here would cost you Rs.165.

6. Ama Café, Majnu Ka Tila A perfect combination of chic bohemian style of café, the north of the city takes pride in catering to fresh & young minds. Located near Majnu ka tila near Delhi University’s north campus Ama Café has the best coffee in the northern area. From bewitchingly affordable price s to a place which oozes warmth and comfort, this place is the place where you have to visit to understand the ambience. A cup of coffee is Rs.70 per cup.

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7. Café Lota, Pragati Maidan

One word – Fusion, Café Lota is one such place in the city which is famous for its fusion food. From Apple Jalebis to Strawberry Phuchkas to Bhapa Doi cheesecake the café is a delight to try something fancy for your pallet. But what steals the show is the famous coffee. A decent sized mug full of coffee would cost you around Rs.120.

8. Les Parisiennes, Shahpur Jat French, that is the word that can define Les Parisiennes café perfectly. The café is famous among the elites of Delhi. Their famous offerings are Café Crema, French Hot Chocolate, deep, rich Espressos and Americanos and the price range starts from Rs.140.

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9. Ivy & Bean, Shahpur Jat

If you love books and are looking for quiet contemplations with an amazing cup of coffee then visit Shapur Jat’s Ivy & Bean Café. The place houses perfect atmosphere for every book lover. Their espresso and the famous butter cookies will make you fall in love with the place.

10. United Coffee House, Connaught Place Classic, elegant and filled with panache, United Coffee House in Connaught Place is must visit place for everyone who needs to be pampered. Try their Cona Coffee with Cream or the South Indian Filter Coffee or the usual cappuccino the place is perfect for the corporate meetings and relaxed talks.

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