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 Five Winter Myths: Now Busted!

February 9, 2022 9:25 AM |


Winter is round the corner and it is time to curl up in your bed and spend most of your time indoors. Some of the winter wisdom/myth, instead of keeping you happy and safe can cause illness, increase some of those extra pounds and also increase the risk of ageing. This season do not let any of the winter myths get the best of you.

No Need To Drink Water In Winter

Thirst may be an indicator but not the only indicator. Everyone needs fluids to regulate body temperature and so irrespective of the season, drinking ample amount of water is a must. If you think that you can skip your everyday routine of drinking water in winters then you are mistaken. It is as important to drink water in winter as it is in summer. Drinking ample amount of water ensures that your body is maintaining the fluid balance and your skin is hydrated.

No Exercise During Winter

Be it the winter blues or seasonal affective disorders, keeping any kind of gloom at bay is necessary and exercising simply does that. This may be the season when you want to stay warm and cozy indoors but just sitting causes an imbalance in your exercise schedule. Exercising regularly helps in strengthening your immune system and fights off viral as well as bacterial infections.

Sunscreen Is A Summer Affair

Contrary to the popular belief the sun is the closest to the earth in this season. 90% of visible ageing takes place due to sun damage and it mostly takes place in the winter. Windburn and sunburn is a killer combination, so when the chilly winds and freezing temperatures leave your skin dry and prone to damage, UV rays have a shot to damage your skin.

Alcohol Makes You Warm

The only reason you feel warm is because it makes the blood to rush to the surface of your skin. Alcohol does not warm you up but in fact increases heat loss. Drinking alcohol generates extra body heat as it impairs the shivering process. Ultimately, your body's ability to fight the cold is significantly reduced due to too much alcohol intake.

Cold Weather Causes Hair Loss

If you think that cold weather is the reason for all the hair loss problems you have been facing, you have got it all wrong. In fact most of the hair loss takes place during the summer season and the least during winter. The only thing you need to keep a check on is the itchy scalp, hold on to a reliable anti dandruff shampoo or follow some home-made remedies for treating your scalp and keeping your hair long and strong.
These busted winter myths might help you have a great time during this season and help you stay warm, safe and happy this holiday season.

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