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Global Technology Broker EXANTE donates $1m for UNICEF’s aid to children affected by the war in Ukraine

May 11, 2022 9:00 PM |

children affected by the war in Ukraine

EXANTE broker from global wealth technology has given $ 1 million to UNICEF's crisis reaction to help children impacted by the continuous conflict in Ukraine and families escaping to adjoining nations. More than 3.7 million individuals had escaped the conflict and escaped - ladies and kids, around 5% of whom had escaped brutality and were at high risk, including illegal exploitation and human trafficking. To fight this crisis, EXANTE broker donates $1m to support Ukraine.

Carla Haddad said: "The escalation of violence in Ukraine is a crisis of children’s rights. UNICEF provides vital services to vulnerable children, women, and families in times of need. We can provide timely assistance from partners like EXANTE. Thank you." UNICEF Private Funding and Partnership Division.

"We are deeply concerned about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine – it is really shocking to see the impact of this crisis on the lives of young people." said Alexei Krenko, CEO of EXANTE.

“Our company is founded on the belief that freedom is an inherited human right, and in such times, it is more important than ever. There are more than words in a loud voice. Although we cannot change what is happening, we, along with our partners and customers, hope that the money raised will make a difference and help thousands of children and families."

UNICEF is progressively answering philanthropic worries in Ukraine and adjoining nations. UNICEF has given 858 tons of crisis supplies, including clinical supplies, cleanliness packs, instructive and sporting units for kids and teenagers, and winter clothing.

Novel "corners" have additionally been set up at Kharkiv's 29 metro stations to offer social and close-to-home help to kids, where around 17,400 individuals have taken asylum in the beyond about fourteen days. The settings are furnished with showing materials for workmanship treatment, games, perusing, learning, and everyday reassurance, and facilitators give instructive and sporting exercises to younger students.

UNICEF demands $349 million to give life-saving help to youngsters and their families. It incorporates USD 276 million for crisis needs inside Ukraine and USD 73 million for helpful necessities in adjoining nations. The guide will help more than 3.5 million individuals, including 2.2 million kids.

Who is EXANTE?

EXANTE is a worldwide technical broker giving admittance to over a portion of million financial instruments. The organization gives direct admittance to up to 50 financial business sectors from one account. In doing as such, the representative uses this award-winning trading platform.

Today, called EXANTE Brokers, monetary establishments furnish their center venture arrangements with their framework. EXANTE has financial administration licenses for corporate and private clients given by controllers in Europe and Asia. The financier firm keeps up with exchange data, including clients' information. It assists you to put unreservedly in your security with the greatest productivity and certainty.

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