Here is how you can protect your skin on Holi

Here is how you can protect your skin on Holi

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Skincare this Holi

Holi as we know today, is a festival celebrated across countries, cultures and religions; further symbolic of what it stands for love and unity. Originally the colours used in Holi celebrations were made of natural, plant-based sources such as Turmeric, Rose, Henna. However, in today’s time, chemically charged colours are used. Such colours are harmful for the skin and for overall health as well.

 Body and Hair Care: Before stepping out of the house make sure your massage your body and hair gently with cold pressed sesame oil. The oil will shield colour chemicals from seeping into the skin and from damaging your hair.

Girls who have re-bonded hair, just three days prior to Holi should avoid playing Holi. Other than that, playing Holi is safe. Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner that is specially meant for chemically treated hair.

Facial care: It is very important to moisturize your skin with a sunscreen lotion. It protects the skin from exposure to harsh rays of the sun and free radicals present in Holi colours. Also, don’t forget to seal your lips with petroleum jelly. Make sure you apply enough coconut oil on your face before you let those colours seep in on you.

Keep your eyes safe: Try to wear sunglasses while playing with colours. It will not only protect your eyes but also help you up your fashion game. Also, make sure you avoid wearing lenses while playing Holi if you don't want your eyes turning red in colour.

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