Here is what you can do if you Hate Holi

Here is what you can do if you Hate Holi

11:39 AM

Hate Holi

If you are one of those who simply hates Holi, welcome to the club. The unnecessary crowd, howling and the never ending colours. Come on, how can you love such a festival. The music is loud, people look hideous after color has been put on them and well, the pets are scared.

If you are also in the I hate Holi club, here is what you can do instead of going out and getting soaked in different colours

Well, hate Holi? Go ahead and binge watch your favourite series. Lucifer, Bodyguard, The Crown, Black Mirror and so much more, Netflix has it all and much more. Even if you decide to stay home the entire Holi weekend, there are enough series to keep you glued. Order some food from Swiggy and chill all by yourself.

If you hate Holi and all the fervor attached with it, it is time to book your tickets and escape to a play away from all the Holi colours and shenanigans. Head to a beach, or a mountain, or in fact, take a trip to South India where Holi is a mellowed down affair.

If there are people who are being a little too pushy, you can go ahead and politely say no. Tell them that you do not like the festival and would like to be left alone. And if they do not get it, well, keep your doors locked at all times.

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