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How to Get an India Conference Visa?

December 12, 2021 10:15 AM |

How to Get an India Conference Visa

Despite the overpopulation, cheap labor force India is increasing the numbers of foreign economic trade with incredible activity. A significant share of India's foreign trade is occupied by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, followed by food production and heavy industry. A separate niche is occupied by traditional Indian crafts for the manufacture of jewelry, religious objects, and souvenirs.

Business in this country is developing at a tremendous speed. Therefore, relations with foreign partners are extremely important and beneficial for India. To develop economic cooperation with other countries, the Indian authorities have simplified the entry procedure for potential economic partners and highly qualified specialists.

In this article, we will look at the specifics of obtaining visas required for businessmen and people wishing to attend a conference/seminar/scientific exhibition in India. Natvisa offers a good article on the eBusiness Visa.

India Conference Visa.

These types of visas are issued to citizens planning to attend an international conference, seminar, or scientific exhibition held in India. It is worth noting that a prerequisite for obtaining an India Conference Visa is the organization of this event by a Ministry or Department of the Government of India.

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the issuance of the India Conference Visa has been completely transferred online. Citizens of more than one hundred and fifty nationalities are eligible for a one-time pass and a 30-day stay in the country.

An electronic visa obtained through is the same entry permit that is obtained in specialized centers or embassies of other countries. The main advantage is time savings. You can apply for a Conference Visa without leaving your home. According to statistics, the number of refusals to issue an electronic entry permit is 3 times less compared to applicants applying for a long-term "traditional" visa.

Basic requirements for the India Conference Visa.

The process of applying for an e-Conference visa is very similar to obtaining a standard e-visa, but there are several small nuances. Delegates must submit an invitation letter to the event before issuing a visa to attend a conference. The letter is usually issued by the organizing company of the conference, government agencies in India, or the UN.

Each potential conference participant will need to fill out a form and provide accurate information about himself and the purpose of his trip to India. The package of documents required to obtain the India Conference Visa includes:

• Passport valid for at least six months from the date of crossing the Indian border.

• Color photograph of the delegate. Photo size must not exceed 10MB and must be 2 "X 2". Otherwise, you won't be able to download the file until you get the correct format.

• Money to pay for a visa. The size of the commission depends on the citizenship of the applicant. You will see the exact amount after filling in all the other fields in the visa application form.

• Proof of your residential address

• Official letter of invitation from India.

• Evidence of political clearance from the MEA.

• Certificate of MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) Event Resolution.

India Business Visa.

Business Visa to India in 2021 is granted for any business purpose not related to the official employment of the applicant. To get a job as an employee, a work visa is required, for which there is a special registration procedure.

A business visa can be obtained by strictly defined categories of visitors. Their list includes foreign citizens planning on the territory of India:

• open your enterprise or study the economic environment in the country to open a company here in the future;

• sell or purchase goods, services;

• take part in negotiations, meetings, and other commercial events not directly related to the direct process of making a profit;

• get advice on the issues of holding fairs, exhibitions, etc.

In addition, the category of persons eligible for a business visa includes foreigners:

• business partners of Indian companies or those who hold management positions in these companies;

• purchasing goods or services from Indian manufacturers and leaving for India to resolve issues related to the conclusion or execution of contracts;

• participating in international projects that are sent to India for a short time to negotiate with partners, as well as to control the development of production;

• traveling to the country to carry out pre-sale or post-sale activities, outside the framework of the execution of any specific agreement;

• working in branches of Indian companies abroad, traveling to India to train personnel or undergo personal training;

• students studying at foreign universities who travel to India as part of international student exchange for the study of management and economics;

• going to the country to repair or replace equipment, technological installations, as well as eliminate defects or errors under a specific contract;

• technicians who are sent to India for the installation and installation of equipment under the obligations of a specific contract for the supply of goods;

• having the status of accredited experts in a particular field, traveling to India to train employees of the inviting company;

• employees of companies that visit India to train and improve the professional level of employees of another company on a reimbursable basis.

The procedure for getting India Business Visa.

To obtain a business visa to India, the following documents are required:

• A valid passport with two blank pages. If it expires earlier than 6 months after applying, it is recommended to obtain a new passport. Also attached is a copy of the first pages with a photograph and personal data of the citizen.

• One copy of the printed form - an application completed in English.

• Two color photographs measuring 3.5x4.5 cm, made on a white background, without extraneous images and inscriptions;

• A copy of all completed pages of the civil passport.

• Copies of round trip tickets or armored vouchers;

• Letter of invitation from the receiving party, indicating the address, name, and surname of the first manager.

• A copy of the host company's registration certificate Certificate of Incorporation.

• License of the host company for the sale of pharmaceutical products. Such a document is required if the company is engaged in this production.

• Written application from the company where the foreign visitor works. Its content should exactly repeat the content of the letter of the inviting party but reflect the position of the sending company. A copy of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity and a certificate of tax registration is attached to the application.

The specified lists of documents are not exhaustive. The Indian Consulate has the right to demand other papers, which, in the opinion of the employees, may affect the decision on the issue of granting a visa.

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