Kasol Village: How To Get High On Nature

Kasol Village: How To Get High On Nature

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Kasol Parvati Valley

It’s almost criminal to call yourself a wanderer if you haven’t set foot in Kasol yet. The tiny village of Kasol runs alongside the river Parvati in Himachal Pradesh. A province of peace and calm, Kasol is home to several low budget cottages, bakeries, and Israeli cafes serving lip-smacking delicacies. The rustling sound of the Parvati River plays like an old broken instrument as you trek along the hills which riddle the region. In the age of trashy urban imprisonment, a sense of liberty embraces you as you inhale the freshness that is Kasol.

Every orthodox tourist scans a destination before heading out. You scroll through various articles enlisting things that you can do at a particular location. You browse images of places you can go to. And you always expect the chaos of a ‘travel guide tour’ which will help you touch every checkpoint in the region. But that’s not the case with Kasol. Kasol is not for the regulars. Kasol is for the outcast and the off-beat.

So what is it that makes Kasol such an important tourist destination? Why is Kasol a tourist hotspot despite being a ‘rebel’ in terms of tourist locations? The answer is pretty simple. Kasol is more of an experience. The scenic valley packs a unique experience which is hard to come by these days. The region observes good climatic conditions for most part of the year. It is a getaway which does justice to the meaning of getaways. You can set up camps in one of the many camping sites spread throughout the village. You can go trekking in the Himalayas touching SarPass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass, and Khiriganga. Or you can catnap on one of the rocks parked beside river Parvati. It’s all worth it while you’re in Kasol.

Kasol Parvati Valley

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Food is another amazing part of the Kasol experience. One can draw a striking similarity between ‘Chaar Dukaan’ in Landour and the numerous cafes of Kasol. Amazing toothsome delicacies like Spanish omelets, Nutella pan cakes, garlic naan and hummus, and ginger lemon tea are served fresh in Kasol. Many locals grow their own vegetables and fruits. You can ask for their permission and taste the goodies. Apples, pears, and even corn are all as fresh and natural as nature can allow them to be.

There are several ways to get high and Kasol offers the best of them. The grass is greener, the light is brighter, and the taste is sweeter as you trip through dreamy nights of wonder. No apologies for going all Pink Floyd there as Kasol is equally poetic and mesmerizing. The trance will stay with you for a while, before you head back to the hills, with the sound of silence echoing in your head. The best time to get high on (in?) Kasol is between the months of April and June. But, frankly speaking, the region is welcoming and embracing throughout the year.

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