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Top Skincare tips for Monsoon

June 9, 2015 5:41 PM |

Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Skin this Monsoon

Every year, you wait for the arrival of Monsoon and welcome the rain with open arms. As much as you love the idea of dancing in the rain, your skin may not be too happy about it. The rainy weather is too much to handle for your beloved face and you need to take extra care to protect it. Just a few changes and your skin will stay fresh and glowing throughout the season. We bring you simple skin care tips for a worry-free Monsoon.


Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Skin this Monsoon

To keep your skin safe and blemish free, the first and the foremost thing you need to do is to cleanse your skin as much as you can. You should at least wash your face thrice a day to remove the dirt from the pores. This helps your skin breathe free and you are free from blemishes. Try to use a non-soapy face wash to keep your skin safe.


Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Skin this Monsoon

Another important thing you need to make note of is to moisturise your skin every day. Not only do you need a moisturiser during the day but you also need to keep your skin moisturised at night. This will help your skin to repair itself at night and give it the strength to fight Monsoon skin allergies.


Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Skin this Monsoon

Just because Monsoon is here doesn’t mean that your sunscreen lotion needs to go inside the drawer. Even if it isn’t sunny outside, do not forget to put ample amount of sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body before you leave the house. Even a slight exposure to the harmful UV rays can end up damaging your skin.


Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Skin this Monsoon

Toning the skin twice a day is important to maintain the pH balance of your skin. Using the right kind of toner is equally important. If you have dry skin then use a mild toner twice a day. If you suffer from oily skin then get hold of lavender oil and use it this Monsoon.

Eating Habits

Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Skin this Monsoon

If you make sure that you are eating right, your skin will remain fresh. The idea is to avoid those street foods and eat healthy food instead. Add as many fruits and vegetables you can in your diet. Also, make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and maintain the glow of your skin.

Follow these steps and say hello to glowing skin all throughout the season.

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