Summer can be extremely sweet for diabetic patients

March 25, 2014 6:12 PM |

“Spring is the time of year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade,” fondly said Charles Dickens.

With day temperatures settling in the late thirties and early forties in several parts of India, the summer season is definitely knocking at the door. Along with a host of other problems, the heat wave can be extremely damaging for diabetic patients.

India being a tropical country, the summer season is felt more prominently here than any other place. According to the latest weather update by Skymet Meteorology Division in India, we generally begin to feel the summer heat from the month of April but March also becomes extremely brooding in South and Central India.

According to diabetologists, diabetic patients need to be twice as cautious because their metabolic rate is high due to which they tend to sweat a lot and feel constantly hungry. This issue worsens in the summer. Here are few measures that could help them going good in the excruciating heat.

Diseases in summer

In the hot season, diabetes increases the susceptibility to various skin infections including boils, carbuncles, furuncles and abscesses. Candidiasis around their groin in diabetic men and urinary tract infection in women becomes a common affair in summer heat.

Diabetes mellitus can also make one prone to frequent foot injuries and infection due to a humble glycaemic control. In such situations, make sure to dry feet completely after washing.

One should prevent bacteria manifestations by taking bath twice a day and avoid synthetic clothing. Loose pure cotton clothes are the best possible bet. It is also important to maintain blood glucose level by proper medication and diet.

Precautionary measures

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of deaths in the United States and rapidly engulfing our country as well. A case of obesity increases the possibility of diabetes.  Simple changes in diet and lifestyle can go a long way in controlling weight gain and preventing diseases related to it.

With climate change in India and temperatures rising above bearable limits, everyone tends to succumb to dehydration. But it can be a serious issue among diabetic patients as they tend to urinate more often and fail to maintain adequate level of hydration in hot summer. It goes without saying that intake of water is the ardent need of the hour. Chach and nimbu paani are healthier options than aerated drinks and juices that come in tetra packs.

If you don’t want to wake up to tablets and injections for lifelong, take diet seriously and go for swimming and exercise this summer and definitely for rest of the seasons as well.

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