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Tips to Ease the College Application Process

May 18, 2022 11:46 AM |

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Using the Summer to Knock Out Parts of the Application Packet

The summer break is an ideal time for rising seniors to begin the college application process, saving themselves stress and time once the fall semester begins.

There are many benefits to beginning the college application process during the summer months. Waiting until the fall school semester begins may limit the time necessary in preparing a concise yet complete package since many college-bound juniors are budgeting hours for school activities, classes, and even part-time jobs. At the very least, essaywritercheap states that using the summer months to “knock out” portions of the application will
free time in the fall. This is particularly true for students applying for early admission or early decision.

Using the Summer to Complete Application Essentials

Creating the Resume

Summertime offers many undisturbed hours to gather four-year worth of high school accolades to develop a resume. Students should bear in mind that many applications will have separate forms listing extracurricular activities and volunteerism.

Securing Recommendation Letters

Conscientious teachers will admire a student that asks for a recommendation letter early. During the fall months, highly respected teachers that receive many requests for student recommendation letters are often pressed for time. Frequently, they request long deadlines. Asking early – before the spring semester ends, will often ensure a more thoughtful and less generic letter.

The College Essay

Knowing what colleges or universities students plan to apply to will help with preliminary outlines of the essay as the prompts will be published in the online application. Students may find it beneficial to purchase a short paperback (of which there are many) that give solid tips for writing a college application essay.

The summer is a great time to develop an original theme or thesis based on the prompt and to rewrite it until it is deemed wholly acceptable.

Other Summer College Preparation Tips

College Visits

Although the summer is not the most opportune time to visit a college campus, there are advantages. While it is important to see a college as it functions daily during semesters, with teems of students rushing to classes and filling cafeterias, walking through a more quiet campus may provide the opportunity to see details without everyday distractions.

Admissions personnel do not take the summer off and this might be an opportunity to talk at greater length with an admissions dean face-to-face. Many institutions offer summer courses that may permit inquiring students to sit in. If the college is within the immediate community, it might even be beneficial to take a summer course and thereby get a sense of the institution.

Reviewing the Literature

Looking over potential college and university literature can be time-consuming, particularly if students plan on applying to multiple institutions. Summer months allow for maximum scrutiny of every phase of college life at any particular institution.

Jump Start Scholarship Applications

Just as college applications take time to complete, so do scholarship packets. The competition for every scholarship dollar is fierce. Hence, completing separate folders for every scholarship opportunity will increase organization and allow students to begin the process. Again, this may require recommendation letters, essays, and personal information.

Using Summer Months Wisely

If students knock out preliminary tasks relative to the application process, putting the packet together once the next school year begins will be easy. Gathering transcripts and guidance reports may be the only task before mailing the packet, thus alleviating stress and having to wait on others before the application deadline to submit your requests.

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