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Top 5 things to Know About Dubai Marina

June 23, 2021 8:00 PM |

Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a wealthy residential neighborhood that is popular for beaches and recreation complexes. It is the loveliest place with several tourist activities taking place mostly in the evening hours after sunset. Alexandra Dhow Cruise is one of the accredited floating restaurant services that offer the best evening cruise rides.

Man-made construction and Landmarks

Dubai Marina has some of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world dotted around it. There is also the Dubai canal with special landmarks which you will enjoy viewing. These landmarks are all man-made with attractive designs that always draw in more tourists.

Activities in Dubai Marina

The Marina is lively with a range of fun activities for both adults and kids. Adults can enjoy the nightlife with dhow cruise Dubai Marina while kids can visit the aquarium, Underwater Zoo, and much more. If you are on a tight budget you can still find some free activities to do in the Marina such as watching the aquarium from the mall.

Some of the biggest beaches like Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR are found in the Marina. The beach is family-friendly with a wide range of activities for children like inflatable water parks, camel rides, and miniature trains. Adults can take part in Jet Ski, water board, swimming and playing volleyball.

Nightlife in the Marina is usually the best especially if you board floating restaurants like the Alexandra Dhow Cruise. You can take part in Tanura dances if you like or just sit back and relax to enjoy the Dubai female vocalist as you Cruise along the Dubai Canal.

Skydiving can give you a nice wide view of the city of Dubai and its Marina; it is, therefore, an activity worth being part of if you don’t mind the height.

Dubai Marina

Accommodation facilities

Dubai has some of the top-class hotels and apartments you can find anywhere in the world, most of which are situated around the Marina to strategically give the residents a beautiful view of the landmarks from their windows or rooftops.

Events and Festivals

Dubai has several events taking place throughout the year, but the shopping festival that takes place in January is the biggest of them all. It is advisable to consider visiting between January or February to enjoy discounts on shopping and on activities such as dhow cruise. It is also the best time if you love fireworks as the skies of Dubai usually get lit with beautiful shows. The Shopping festival in January is special because of the discounts offered and draws that let people win huge prizes including cars and gold.

When to Travel

The months that fall within winter are the best to visit Dubai with your family and friends. At this time, the temperature is usually around 20 degrees which is much better for  visitors from cold places.  You are also most likely to spend less on activities in winter as many businesses will be trying to woo more people with discounts.

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