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Top 5 Virtual Sports Betting Tips

June 15, 2021 1:00 PM |

Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual; sports betting had been here for quite some time now, but more and more people had taken interest in it recently, partly because there had been no sport for almost a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit most parts of the world. Although games are starting to go back out there little by little, people who have been introduced to virtual sports continue to take part in it. After all, it has been a new and refreshing way of consuming sports and betting on them.

If you are still not into it and looking into joining it, perhaps by checking out the most recommended online sportsbooks found in TheTopBookies India, there are some essentials that you need to understand first. This applies both to total newbies, and those who already have experience in betting on real-life sports.

Understand how RNG works--for and against you

The main algorithm that keeps a virtual sports game running is called the Random Number Generator. It runs the game, not in the sense that it provides the processing power but rather, in the sense that it is the one mainly responsible for each player in the game playing how they are playing, and the game eventually having a result.

So, the difference is that in virtual sports, the winner is not determined by how hard a team plays or how good the players are--it is about how the computer would choose the result.

Don’t try to find patterns--there aren’t any

Knowing how RNG works, you might think: there surely is a pattern, right. The answer is that there isn’t any, or at least not anything that you can take notice of.

This makes it yet again different from actual sports. You cannot predict the movement of a player, or the reaction of a team to something. There is no pattern to gameplay, no pattern to teamwork--everything is as random as it can get.

There is no human factor in every game played

When you watch a sports game, no matter which sport it is, one thing is for sure: there will be humans playing. When there is a human factor at play, there is surely emotion at play. This is only one of the things that make sports unpredictable as sometimes, emotions can take over and alter the flow of the game.

There won’t be any emotional factor when playing with or against old friends or getting riled up in the heat of the game. In virtual sports, everything is dictated by software-the games would play out how the system would choose it to. Within the parameters of RNG, that is.

Virtual sports are more like a casino than real-life sports

Although virtual sports aim to mimic real-life sports played out in the field, it is far from it even in the principle of how a game is played out. Since it is controlled and managed by RNG, you can liken it more to online casino games rather than real-life sports.

Just like casino games, virtual sports have an RTP (return to player) rate, and the rest is considered as house edge.

Don’t chase your losses

We can all agree that no one enjoys losing. This is why the more you lose, the more you are likely to go on and try to chase that loss. However, the truth is that it is rare that you can catch up to it. Most of the time, it will only lead to more losses, and at the end of it, you would probably come home a bigger loser than you were a few hours ago.

So, always remember that a good gambler would know when and how to stop. This applies to both sides of the game--whether you are winning, or you are on a losing streak.

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