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Top Romantic Weather Phenomena to Set a Date

September 23, 2021 12:20 PM |

Top Romantic Weather Phenomena

When we don’t have any conversation topics, we talk about the weather, but not every conversation has to be boring. Weather lovers can stare in the shy and appreciate clouds, Sun, Moon, and stars. Dates under the open sky are amazing, especially if you’re lucky enough to witness some rare weather phenomena. We’ll list some of those below that are perfect for a date, especially if you're looking to impress your online partner.

Find a Similar Weather Lover to Enjoy Nature Together

Some activities are better with good company, enjoying nature is one of those. Sharing moments when nature shows some of its magic with a romantic partner makes the date special. It doesn’t matter if a date is with a soulmate or a casual partner. The main thing is that both you and your match enjoy the atmosphere on the date.

Finding a partner in accordance with your preferences is easiest with the help of online dating platforms. By indicating your passion for nature in your profile, the dating site's matchmaking algorithm will select a match for you with the same priorities in partner and life. Matching will also take into account your expectations about the type of relationship (whether long-term or casual dating), location, as well as age, gender, etc. Even men who are wondering: “Where are the hookup girls near me with whom I can observe the exciting natural phenomena?” are more likely to get lucky on the site for casual local dating if they show an appreciation for nature on their profile. When two nature lovers meet, they have many mutual topics, which make it simpler to bond. That’s important even when they don’t plan to see each other after a one-night-stand because people with similar interests are more likely to get physical.

Weather Phenomena Perfect for Dating

Regardless if a couple plans to live happily together, or it's just a hookup found on a dating site, dates witnessing weather phenomena are amazing. Knowing they’re looking at something that doesn’t happen often or can’t be seen from anywhere makes couples feel special.


Not many things are more romantic than watching Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis with someone you really like. Aurora can’t be seen from most parts of the world, but those lucky enough to see it will never forget it. It doesn’t have to be a date with a significant other. Spending a couple of nights in a glass-roof igloo with a casual partner would be the best no-strings-attached time-spending anyone ever had.

Circular Rainbow

Seeing Aurora is for lucky people, but it’s still possible to plan a date under Aurora. Watching a circular rainbow is something completely different. No one can see it if they don't find themselves in a plane at the right moment. Circular rainbows aren’t rare at all because every rainbow is circular. The catch is in the angle from which people look at it. It’s impossible to see the full rainbow from the ground. We always see just a part of it. So those who get to see a circular rainbow with their partners should soak at the moment; it probably won’t happen more than once in a lifetime.

Light Pillars

Light pillars are more common than Aurora and much easier to see than circular rainbows. But again, location plays a big role there. It’s not likely that someone in a desert will ever see light pillars. They form when sunlight hits millions of tiny ice crystals falling to the ground. Light pillars are usually more visible at dawn which makes them great for casual date nights. Watching a piece of art made by nature after a night of passion is a cherry on top of the cake.

Moon Dog

Moon Dog is a form of lunar halo caused by the reflection of light in cirrus or cirrostratus clouds. Moon dogs happen more often than most people think, but it’s not always visible with a naked eye. It looks like the Moon is a pupil of a huge eye in the sky and a moon dog is its border. Couples lucky enough to notice moon dogs can lay back and imagine the sky is looking only at them. Or consider a moon dog as nature's candle for their eyes only.

Nacreous Clouds

Nacreous clouds or ice polar stratospheric clouds are other weather phenomena that make every date better. Ice is responsible for their creation the same as for beautiful occurrences in the sky. It reserves dates under nacreous clouds for couples in cold areas on the north. The bottom line is obvious: those who want to see the most of the weather phenomena should book a trip to Alaska or Scandinavia. That would be killing two birds with one rock and ensuring weather lovers will have a memorable adventure.

Think about which of the natural phenomena you would like to see live, and how glad you would be to share this observation with someone nearby.

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