Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid this Monsoon

July 28, 2015 5:04 PM |

Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid this Monsoon

Monsoon brings along with it several joys. The long drives, the beautiful droplets of rain and the amazing food items is what defines the season. But on the other hand, there are puddles of mud, the never ending rain and of course the gruesome traffic. What hurts the most is when your clothes get spoilt. Well, instead of letting fashionable clothes hide under cover, you could simply avoid a few clothes and look spectacular as ever. Check out this list of clothes you must not wear when it is pouring outside.

White is not Right

Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid this Monsoon

Do not at any cost wear something white if it looks like it is going to rain cats and dogs outside. Imagine a car passing by and it splashes drops of muddy water on you, we are sure you know what is going to happen to your tidy white clothes. Also, when a white coloured outfit gets wet, it tends to become transparent.

Wear Only Loose

Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid this Monsoon

Whenever you decide to shop the next time, make sure you keep the weather in mind. Avoid wearing tight fitted clothes during the rainy season. If your clothes get wet, they will stick and can be very uncomfortable while walking. Make sure you go for loose clothes this time.

Easy to Dry Fabrics

Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid this Monsoon

Do not wear clothes that do not dry easily. Instead of going for denims and linen, go for georgettes and chiffons during Monsoon. Not only do these materials dry easily, but they also look perfect. Always go for fabrics that are easy to dry.

No Leather in this Weather

Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid this Monsoon

Whether it is your bag, a jacket or your shoes, leather should be avoided at all costs. Those leather pants will stick and that leather bag will not be that pretty anymore. Leather tends to get spoilt very easily after coming in contact with water. Also, Monsoon is not the season to sport suede at all.

Shorter the Better

Wardrobe Mistakes to Avoid this Monsoon

During Monsoon, floor length dresses and long palazzos may not be your best bet. You don’t want half your attire to be covered in mud, do you? Instead, go for clothes that do not end up sweeping the floor. The safer option to stick to clothes that are knee length so that they are safe from getting wet.

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