Weekend getaway to Dharamsala, Manali, Shimla, Kasauli

December 17, 2017 9:51 AM |

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The locations in Himachal are prominently celebrated for its spectacular snowy views that one might witness in the months of winter. The snow clad mountains, chilly air, mesmerizing beauty encompassing the region provides a wonderful temptation for tourists ‘all across the country, and specially people coming from North India, near the regions of Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh and Faridabad.


The temperatures are recorded to be very cold right now, as the region has witnessed heavy snowfall. It was the second heavy snowfall of the region. Western disturbance, which, was responsible for this weather has moved eastward. Moreover, we do not expect any active Western Disturbance in the region for the next 4 to 5 days.

Thus, weather on this weekend will remain dry, with no active climatic interruptions, even though the sky will remain partly cloudy.

Below is a predicted weather synopsis for the famous tourist destination spots in Himachal that one can venture on to spend time amidst nature, for a short weekend break.

Dharamsala- Morning and nights in the region will remain cold, with maximum temperature going around 15 to 16°C, and minimum ranging between 5 and 6°C. Days will be cool with bright sunshine.

Kullu- Morning and nights will be very cold, with day temperature settling around 15 to 16°C, and minimum ranging between 3 and 4°C. Overall the weather will remain dry.

Manali- Manali would witness freezing nights with subzero temperature, ranging around 0 to1. In other words, the temperature will remain near freezing point. Day temperature in Manali will be around 12 to 13°C, with few patches of cloud.

Shimla- Day temperature in Shimla will range between 15 and 16°C and nights will be very cold, with temperature to fall between 2 and 3°C. Day will be very cool. Overall the weather will remain dry.

Kasauli- Nights will be very cold, with temperature to fall between 3 and 4°C, and maximum temperature ranging between 13 and 14°C. Overall the weather will remain dry.

Kufri- The region will have freezing nights with temperature ranging around 0 to1. Day temperature in Kufri will be around 8 to 10°C.

Dalhousie- The region will have freezing nights. The minimum temperature will remain near freezing point. Day temperature in Kufri will range between 9 and 10°C.

Chances of landslides are not there in any of the regions mentioned above. Hence, even though there is no predicted weather activity or any possibility of snowfall, but people should carry sufficient thermals as these locations in Himachal will experience intense cold.

It is a perfect time to enjoy the icy views and provide tranquility to the senses by being in the close vicinity of nature. Many tourists enjoy viewing snowfall. But because the possibility of snowfall is being ruled out, the travelers shouldn’t be disheartened as one can experience abundant amount of snow interspersed in the entire region, giving it an ethereal, magical touch.

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