Hits and Misses of Monsoon 2015

Hits and Misses of Monsoon 2015

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Monsoon 2015 has entered its last leg with a country wide cumulative rainfall deficiency of 12%. This year Southwest Monsoon began amidst the scare of El Nino and remained under its shadow for the entire season. June received surplus Monsoon rains to the tune of 16%. We could say this is the best performance of Monsoon in June in any persisting El Nino year.

Going down the memory lane, this is also the best rainfall distribution for June at least in the last decade. But, July and August remained rain deficit. July registered 17% less rains than the long period average (LPA). August was even worse and ended with a rainfall deficiency of 23% for the month.  With the core Monsoon months recording significant rainfall deficiencies, a big recovery in September looks unlikely.

Considering the current scenario, Monsoon 2015 is expected to register below normal rainfall. But, has it really affected our economy? Was agriculture a hit or miss? Did it have a significant effect on food inflation? Did Southwest Monsoon beat back a powerful El Nino?

Here in this video, Skymet analyses the hits and misses of Monsoon 2015.


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