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Road rage during summers in Delhi

April 28, 2023 8:16 AM |

With the increase in temperature outside, road rage cases increase manifold during summers in Delhi. Summers are usually associated with gruesome murders and violent accidents on the roads. According to media reports, in 2014 about 100 cases of road rage were recorded. In the previous year around 53 cases of road rage were reported.

Noida-based Psychiatrist, Dr. Manu Tiwari explains that such outbursts on roads could be attributed to a lack of self-control and no anger management.  The situation generally aggravates during summer months, as temperatures soar beyond the 40-degree mark.

As the heat radiating off the road make mirages of pools in the distance and motorists struggle to get a grip on the handle, chances of road rage increase on the roads.

Temperature and humidity increase significantly from May through June, and psychologists believe that a driver is more likely to cause an accident when the weather is hot and humid.  A driver is usually less focused if the temperature is above comfort levels. Consequently, irritability dawns upon the driver and chances of him causing an accident increases.

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