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5 Highest Individual Scores In IPL History

April 27, 2021 2:43 AM |

Chris Gayle

Summers are sweaty as well as exciting with refreshing drinks and icecreams to enjoy with. Meanwhile, the IPL adds a thrill amongst cricket lovers. Nowadays, IPL is one of the most popular t20 leagues in the world. The trend of online match betting becomes more popular at the time of IPL in India. People bet on their favourite team or favourite player and earn money from the betting sites.

The IPL works as a stress buster, cheering for your favourite team and your favourite player and also offers a massive chance to earn money through IPL betting over betting websites like parimatch IPL betting. To join online match betting, you need to know the performance history of the IPL teams and the best scoring players of IPL with their performance history. Following are the five highest individual scorers in IPL history.

Chris Gayle (175 Runs Out Of 66 Balls, IPL 2013)

Chris Gayle is popular for his powerful and massive boundaries and sixes. The Gayle storm is a mesmerizing show you do not want to miss during the IPL. In IPL 2013, playing for RCB and scoring 175 runs off 66 balls against Pune Warriors, he tops the charts of highest individual scorers in IPL history. He made the stadium go wild with his outstanding performance with 17 sixes.

He made two records in this match for the highest index score and most sixes by a player in T20 cricket. He has made impeccable records in his career in cricket. So, relying on his performance, you have high chances to earn choosing him in your squad in the IPL online betting.

Chris Gayle

Brendon McCullum (157 Runs Out Of 73 Balls, IPL 2008)

In 2008, playing for KKR, he scored 157 runs off 73 balls against RCB and recorded second in the charts of highest individual scorers in IPL history. In this match, he hit 13 sixes and ten fours and made the audience go crazy.

This former captain of New Zealand scored above 150 runs first in the history of t20 cricket. He is well known for his strategic playing. McCullum is an excellent player to choose from in the online IPL betting 2021, and he indeed is a game-changer.

Brendon McCullum

AB de Villiers (135 Runs Out Of 59 Balls, IPL 2015)

In IPL 2015, playing for RCB, AB de Villiers scored 135 runs in 59 balls against Mumbai Indians with 19 fours and four sixes, thus coming third in the charts of achieving the highest individual scores in IPL history. He is named as a 360° batsman for a reason. If you are into IPL 2021 betting, AB de Villiers can be an intelligent choice.

AB de Villiers

KL Rahul (132 Runs Out Of 69 Balls, IPL 2020)

During the 2020 IPL, KL Rahul stormed the stadium with his impeccable 14 fours and seven sixes for Punjab, scoring 132 runs out of 69 balls against RCB. Hence, he holds the fourth position in the charts of highest scorers in IPL. KL Rahul is the most highly rated opener of the new generation, and he indeed is a light of hope for the Indian Cricket Team.

He has impressive records in his career, and his batting skills as an opener is top-notch. Making your squad in parimatch online cricket betting can be challenging, choosing between the players for your team. KL Rahul is a highly recommended player for your team as his boundaries and huge sixes may earn you some easy money.

AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers (129 Runs Out Of 59 Balls, IPL 2016)

The outstanding cricketer, also known as Mr. 360, scored 129 runs out of 59 balls against Gujrat Lions in IPL 2016, resulting in a perfect win for RCB. Thus, he again holds his name in the fifth position in the charts.

AB de Villiers


The five highest individual scorers in IPL history are mentioned above. You can choose the players mentioned above in IPL betting parimatch. Online IPL betting can be risky as it deals with real money. Always bet on trusted betting apps or websites like parimatch IPL betting. Choosing the best players won't guarantee you a win, but indeed increases the chances of winning. Betting is the game of strategy as well as luck. So, bet responsibly.

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