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How to play sports betting online

March 8, 2021 7:30 PM |

How to play sports betting online

As we all know, cricket is a game of uncertainty. Especially the limited formats of the game. Now, this is what makes cricket betting even more fun. The betting concept has been around for decades now and right after technology took over, online and mobile betting dominates the sector. Today, we have the betting applications even more simplified to make things work even for a beginner. Here are a few points to remember before entering any contest:

Betting strategy varies for different formats:

Today, we have a lot of new format of the game and franchise leagues coming into existence. Each format of the game has a different strategy for betting, in fact, each IPL tournament has a different strategy. One might end up losing money if they opt for the same strategy everywhere. The availability of many tournaments is one of the reasons for the popularity of betting in the country.

Know what works for you:

The most important factor when it comes to betting is that one must know what really works for them. One must come up with the perfect strategy to make things work and for the same, they must do some research.

The research includes knowing about every player in the team and their current form, the weather, the pitch and most importantly, the players' record against a particular team. If one doesn't have knowledge about a particular series, they must prefer avoiding the same. If not, they must at least know the basic numbers.

Go for easy bets if you are a beginner:

For every single match, there are different types of betting starting from the prediction of the outcome of the match to a particular player's score.

If you are a beginner, it is good to go with basic types of betting where your chance of winning is a bit high.

For example- Toss prediction, winner prediction, over or line stats, player of the match, top batter, top bowler.

Follow different sites:

While doing research, one must never stick to only one site. Since expert prediction isn't available anywhere, it is always better to be on the safer side. There are different sites that provide odds for matches. Different bookmarkers work differently, some based on the previous match statistics and some based on the numbers available online. One can take a look at these sites for reference as they can give one a clear idea of a particular match.

Bet on both sides:

As said, cricket is a game of uncertainty and it is tough to predict the outcome of the match as their fate is decided on the final ball of the match, well, in a lot of games. Also, there are times when the underdog has come through by defeating the powerful team. So, to be on the safer side, it is better to place a bet on both sides, especially, when you are unsure.


One can never predict the real outcome of the match but through these tips, one can become a pro in comeon India betting. Also, rely on the information available on different sites but make sure to come up with your own strategy to win the bets. Most importantly, choose an authorized and licensed bookmaker who offers a good bonus.

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