Superstitions Indian Cricket fans follow religiously

Superstitions Indian Cricket fans follow religiously

02:37 PM

Most awaited event of the year, World Cup 2015 has finally kick started with the hopes of 1.3 Billion Indians riding high on Team India.

Cricket in India is considered to be nothing less than a religion as one gets to see hundreds of thousands of followers worshipping their cricket idols. And with this follows a series of superstitions, ranging from anyone to anything.

Our obsession for cricket comes out in true sense during cricket matches, wherein the field would appear as a battle ground and players as great warriors. No matter how oblivion or how funny you feel about some beliefs in the world, when it comes to a cricket match you tend to follow a similar path, leaving no stone unturned to follow your own set of superstitions.

Be it always sitting on the same corner of the sofa or wearing a specific colour t-shirt or drinking a particular brand of liquor or for that matter, even missing an inning. A die-hard fan will do it all. So, here’s a look at some of the irrational beliefs people follow as they watch Indian cricket team play.