When to Visit Kasol, the green picturesque mountain town of Himachal

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Kasol Travel

Along the beautiful Parvati River lies Kasol, the greenest (pun intended), which has several dreadlocked crowd paying a visit to this beautiful town in Himachal. Low budget stays, beautiful cafes and bread breaking bakeries, Kasol has all of it with just a little price to pay.

Looking for some place to visit without burning a hole in your pocket? Kasol is your city to be at. You’ll feel free and on top of the world, the moment you set foot in the magical Kasol. Just inhale all the greenery beside you and you are good to take all treks possible.

Kasol is not your Shimla or Manali, but is much more than that, Kasol is the king of offbeat destinations and you’ll only know how mesmerizing it is, when you experience the town by yourself.

Kasol Travel

Best Time to Visit Kasol

Winters (Oct-Feb): If you are looking for some snow show, winters are the best time to visit. You just need to plan properly wherein you ensure there are no blockages as such in between. Temperatures also at times go in the sub zero category. Get in the midst of snow days and enjoy the beauty of green Kasol at its best.

Summer (Mar-Jun): If you’re looking forward to getting high on the green Kasol, the best time is to visit during the months of April and June. Temperatures increase and the snow starts to melt, so you have enough room to trek and enjoy the Himachali town at its best. Camp under the starry skies in the lap of nature, all during the summer months in Kasol.

Monsoon (Jul-Sep): If you want to avoid any road blockages or rainy incidents, the best time to avoid Kasol is in the Monsoon months. Rains and hills are not a great combination at all, and we would definitely ask you to stay far away. However, you can try and get some weather updates before hand and plan a trip at the time of no rain show.

Kasol Travel

Things to do in Kasol, Places to Visit in Kasol

The best places to visit Kasol are the Parvati River, take some time out, and spend some quality time by the picturesque Parvati River. You can also go take a visit to Tosh, Malana, and the Manikaran Gurudwara.

Go ahead and trek in the SarPass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass, and Kheerganga.

Image Credit: Unspalsh.com, Travel Triangle

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