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Las Vegas Travel: Heaven at Night, a miracle in the desert

January 3, 2020 3:16 PM |

Las Vegas Travel

Las Vegas is how god would do it if he had money, says American businessman and art collector, Steve Wynn. He is not too wrong when it comes to the sinful sin city. The day in Vegas begins at around 7 pm, and does not come to an end until sunrise. Here, drinks are poured even after the sun rises. It’s that one city which will never fail to give you a morning hangover.

Vegas is a dream come true, Vegas is the fantasy that comes to life, Vegas is the place you have always wanted to be at, Vegas is not only the definition of fun, but much more. Don’t be too surprised if you find a drunk couple happily married outside the chapel, or you end up spending all your time, drunk, in a casino. After all, it’s Vegas baby!

It’s the ultimate escape, it’s the Italy of monuments, the Bangkok of strip clubs and the Paris of food, Vegas is the place where even sky isn’t the limit. It’s the place where you can sleep in the Pyramids, eat in New York and party in Venice. Is there anywhere else, you’d rather be?

Las Vegas could easily be termed as the happiest casino on Earth. It’s where movies are shot, and songs are sung. It’s where love has an expiration date and you won’t see a teardrop falling. Vegas is sin, comedy, tragedy, love, lust, all at once!

Las Vegas is the ultimate nightlife destination and more. It is a world on its own where you can live several different lives on different nights. In Vegas, the bartender is never free, coz the drinks never stop pouring. Vegas is the dirty little secret of the United States that it very proudly shows off.

If you are looking for nothing but pure fun, it’s time to head to Vegas, darling! Whether you win a thousand dollars or lose a few hundred, Vegas will never fail to win your heart. All you need to do is let go of the city you, and wear the Vegas mask, and get the last minute travel deals. You are sure to have several nights of your life that are never to be forgotten.

Las Vegas Travel


Best time to Visit Las Vegas

While Las Vegas is a city which enjoys good weather conditions throughout the year, the best months would be between March and May, and September-November.

The Spring season is one of the most comfortable months in Las Vegas. A few light layers after sunset will do the trick. Room rates are not sky high, making travel slightly better for the ones on a budget. If you are one of those who prefer pleasant weather, it is the perfect time to visit.

While most of United States remains pleasant between June and August, it is incredibly hot here in Vegas. Temperatures even reach in the triple digits. Make sure you carry a sunscreen with you, even after that, expect a tan, which will last for months. Many families flock into Vegas during this period, so make sure you check the size of the pool before booking a hotel.

During the autumn months, Vegas gets cooler and serves as a good time for visiting the city. However, the month of November may give you some winter chill. So, make sure you carry a few layers with you. Also, booking in advance would be advisable.

Winter is one of the most popular seasons for Las Vegas visitors. Several flock to the city to ring in the New year and celebrate Christmas. While it is slightly cold during this period, the enthusiasm will keep you warm enough. Hotels prices soar during this time, make sure you book well in advance.

Las Vegas Travel


Places to Visit in Las Vegas, Things to do in Las Vegas

The Strip: Make sure you visit them all! Every hotel is unique and will give you a memory of your own. Whether it is the Bellagio fountains or the Gondola rides, every place in the strip is worth the visit! Do not miss any of them!

Grand Canyon: Since you are in Las Vegas, it hardly takes half your day on visiting the Grand Canyon. Hop on a helicopter and enjoy nature at its best! You will be surprised to see how stunning it is!

Fremont Street: Well, the strip is not everything in Las Vegas! Head out to Fremont Street and you will realise how cool the entire city is. Cheaper drinks, laid back vibes and cheap slots, the Fremont Street is a good way to take a break from the Strip life for a while.

The Chapel: Getting married or not, visiting the Chapel in Las Vegas is a must for everyone taking a trip to the city. If at all you plan to get married to your soulmate or a complete stranger, just walk into a chapel and they will run you through the process.

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