Dos and Don'ts During A Cyclone

Dos and Don'ts During A Cyclone

12:25 PM

Vardah rains

The very severe Cyclone storm Vardah is currently over west-central and adjoining southwest Bay of Bengal. It is expected to make landfall by December 12 afternoon, close to Chennai as a severe cyclonic storm.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts during a cyclone:

People are advised to stay indoors, particularly children and not to venture out as high tides due to heavy rains may surge.

People in low-lying areas should move to safer zones. Do not stay in house, when asked to leave by the officials.

People in relief shelters should not leave the premises till the rescuers advised to do so.

Everyone is advised to keep a stock of adequate food, medicines and drinking water at home and use them wisely.

Keep your mobile phones and emergency lights charged.

If needed, rush to relief centres.

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Avoid using personal vehicles.

Plan accordingly for the possibility of power disruption. Do not panic. Stay calm.

Avoid loose or dangling wires from lamp posts.

Be updated from TV and radio about the latest weather warnings and advisories during the cyclone.

Image Credit: rmsi_global