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What is Black Ice or Clear Ice?

February 6, 2015 3:28 PM |

Driving on black iceThe Western Disturbance moving across Jammu and Kashmir has given good snowfall and rain over the hilly states of North India.

Jammu and Kashmir has been witnessing widespread heavy snowfall for the last three days. This could be termed as the first good spell of snowfall in the state.

The season of snowfall and winter rain in the hills of North India is also greeted by treacherous roads. Adding to the woes of people, sometimes black ice makes an appearance.

Black Ice is transparent

Black ice or clear ice is simply a thin coating of glazed ice on the roads. Black ice is virtually transparent, allowing the tarmac and black metals on roadways or the surface below to be seen through it, lending it the term "black ice".

After a fresh spell of snowfall, this imp wakes up on a clear morning with plenty of moisture available in the atmosphere. Escape of radiation throughout the night makes the surface colder than the atmosphere, facilitating the formation of black ice in the mountainous areas of India.

Black ice melts after sunrise so it is advisable to avoid riding or even driving during early morning hours after a fresh spell of snowfall in the hilly areas. It is often practically invisible to drivers or persons stepping on it. Thus, there is a risk of skidding and subsequently encountering an accident due to the loss of friction.

Rain, snow and ice all make for an unpleasant driving experience but black ice is the worst as it is nearly invisible.

Black Ice Driving Tips

While it is advisable not to drive at all on black ice, given an unwarranted situation here are few tips:

Driving tips on black ice




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