What To do When an Earthquake Strikes your Area

February 6, 2016 2:10 PM |


A natural disaster like an earthquake can hit an area at any point of time. When an earthquake strikes, we usually do not have enough time to react but there are some measures which may be helpful when an earthquake hits your area. The following tips will surely help you to protect your loved ones and yourself during an earthquake.

During an earthquake, if you can't get outside, get under a table or a piece of furniture and hold on to it till the tremors stop. If you are unable to find a piece of furniture close to you, make sure you cover your face and sit in one corner inside the building. Make sure you are far away from windows, doors, lights and fixtures or anything that may fall on you and hurt you.

Whenever an earthquake strikes, make sure you stay in bed instead of running around. Try covering your head with a pillow to protect yourself. If you live on the ground floor, immediately move out from your house and stay in open grounds. If you are running downstairs, make sure you use stairs and not lifts. When outdoors, make sure you move away from buildings, trees, or wile poles, which may fall down upon you. If you are in an open space, do not go inside till the tremors stop. Watch out for flying objects, and collapsing walls, you can get hurt.

If you are in a moving vehicle, stop as quickly as you can. Make sure you do not stop close to trees, buildings or flyovers. Once the tremors have stopped, make sure you avoid bridges, or ramps that may have been damaged due to the quake.  If you get trapped under debris, tap on a wall so that you can be located by rescuers. If you do not have any other way to communicate, shout out loud for others to hear you.

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