World Water Day: 5 Amazing things about Water you should know

World Water Day: 5 Amazing things about Water you should know

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FeaturedUnless it is not celebrated on annual basis, we hardly remember it. On World Water Day, let’s discuss the most important/ignored natural resource that makes us who we are, Water.

There has always been enough emphasis on Water that it is a resource depleting by every hour. While the countries discuss the nuclear deals and improve their foreign relationships, discussing water is one of the neglected issues especially in developing countries like ours.

Here are some of the revised facts about Water that will make sure you put it to use correctly:

1. Scarcity of portable water resource is a global phenomenon

Water Stress is a real global phenomenon which people hardly know; it is the ratio between water use and water available in the area. Even though Earth is 75% water yet only 3% of water is usable and that’s not where the plight ends. Out of that 3% only 0.3% is available for humans to use. As the global population increases and water reserve decreases the conflicts among the countries would only increase.

"There is a water crisis today. But the crisis is not about having too little water to satisfy our needs. It is a crisis of managing water so badly that billions of people - and the environment - suffer badly."  World Water Vision Report

As the figures below from the World Resources Institute show, there are many areas all across the globe that are stressed for potable water, and projections show conditions will likely worsen.



(Image source: World Resources Institute)

2. Women are more affected by water scarcity


(Image Credit: washingtonpost.com)

A 2015 report by United Nations state that the women in developing countries spend 6 hours on an average just to collect water. This evidently takes a toll on the education. If one can provide better and safe drinking water to the regions affected the most, then women have a better chance to engage in other economic activities and make a living instead of having to spend a significant part of their day collecting water.

3. Climate change is one of the major factor that poses threat to global water supply


(Image Credit: Greenpeace)

Some regions across the globe face flooding and some places drought, whatever the water related travesties the world faces it is because of Climate change. And it is expected to create more intense weather events in future such as hurricanes, and longer (and more intense) periods of drought. Floods and hurricanes reduce water quality and water supply as the sedimentation and contamination of flooding and runoff collect in areas of potable water.

4. Water.org and Stella Artois comes out with water campaign.

Water.org is a non-profit organization which is co-founded by actor Matt Damon, funds initiatives to increase access to safe clean water in developing countries. And on the occasion of World Water Day, Water.org and Stella Artois have partnered together to raise funds for water access in the developing world.

The campaign ‘Buy A Lady A Drink’ is if you purchase of a limited edition Stella Artois chalice then you will provide a woman in the developing world with 5 years of safe, clean water. The chalices are being sold through Amazon for $13 a piece

5. It’s kind of a given but Water affects all aspects of life.


(Image Credit: unitedliberty.org)

Water policies that are sound and viable ensure access to the needy people. Good quality of water has the potential to affect societies and economies tremendously. For example, there are too many jobs related to the fishing and agricultural sectors, and without good water quality these jobs are directly threatened.

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