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5 Unusual ways cold weather affects our mood

October 29, 2020 5:00 PM |

ways cold weather affects our mood

If you're experiencing some mood swings, symptoms like insomnia, or changes in appetite, and you know there are no issues with your physical well-being and health, it's time to reflect on your mental hygiene. This is nothing to feel worried about, since many people tend to feel overwhelmed when the cold days begin, and the winter is getting close. It doesn't mean that something is wrong with you, so don't beat yourself up. Here are some ways cold weather can affect your mood and advice on how to fight it.


If you feel like nothing is going right and stuff that you usually tolerate getting on your nerves, it’s probably because your level of serotonin is low. It is a brain chemical that regulates our mood and it comes with sunny weather. Luckily, India is relatively close to the equator, which means that their rate of vulnerability is lower than for those who live in a country that is further from the equator. The sunshine does matter, but it doesn’t mean you can’t boost your mood and decrease irritability without it. The key is planning – organize your time, set your goals, find the motivation and you will see how being productive will make you feel much better.

Difficulty concentrating

The days are getting shorter and so is our concentration span. It’s also possible to start forgetting things, having issues with recalling, etc. Don’t be hard on yourself in those situations but keep in mind that there are some brain exercises you can do to sharpen your brain. For example, card games can help you improve your short-term memory. Scientists have found that playing bridge activates the brain, in a way that it stimulates the body's immune system, which is explained by the fact that visualization and memory are used in this game. Meditation is also very beneficial for memory and focus.

Seasonal depression

The seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that occurs at the same time each year, usually in winter, and that’s why it’s called seasonal depression. This state affects our mood, sleep, appetite, and energy level. It can also lead to problems in relationships and changes in habits. People tend to lose interest in activities they previously enjoyed or engage in activities that will give them a sense of being connected to other people. For example, depressed people tend to gamble more, so it would be interesting to explore whether countries with colder climates have increased gambling rates. The reason why depressed people turn to gamble is to alleviate feelings of loneliness, boredom, or to give them a boost when they are feeling down. The addiction is present everywhere and sites often actively promote attractive bonus money offers, which only further stimulate people. There are dedicated organizations, like, who focus on researching responsible gambling operators and making the information available for those looking to play safely.

Tiredness and stress

Feeling tired during the winter season has a lot to do with the amount of daylight that we are exposed to. Since that amount is limited, we should use it in every situation we can. Make sure you spend at least 1 hour outdoors each morning, so you can catch the daylight and boost your energy. Spending even a short time in the sun can provide the body with all the vitamin D it needs for the day. It’s known that vitamin D can help relieve stress, so the lack of it on cold days can lead to increased stress. In that case, many people turn to vitamin D supplements to assure the proper intake of this important vitamin. Another key to feel energized and fight the stress in your diet. Nutrition has a lot of impact on our well-being, both physical and mental.

Social withdrawal

As the days are getting colder so are we. We tend to withdraw from other people and retreat into our shells. There is nothing wrong with spending some “alone-time”, but after a while, we start missing other people because we’re social beings. Keep in mind that the holiday season is coming and use that time to build up your relationship and have fun. The more caring people you have in your life the better you’ll feel, even when the skies are grey. Social support is crucial when we’re feeling down.

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