Aero Show India 2019 to begin tomorrow in Bengaluru

Aero Show India 2019 to begin tomorrow in Bengaluru

06:01 PM

Aero India Show

The largest defence expo of Asia is all set to begin tomorrow. The expo will begin at the Yelahanka Air Force Station from Wednesday like every time and continue until Sunday. The expo is a biannual event and the one starting tomorrow will be its 12th edition. The defence expo had begun in the year 1996 where the execution of might, achievements, progress takes place.

This time, there are over 350 firms from 30 countries participating including USA and Russia, second and third largest contributors.

The much in the news Rafale aircraft will also be in display along with several others including Dakota, Saras, Sarang and Yakovlevs. The one that spectators would need to watch out for is the United States’ strategic jet bowered Boeing B52 bomber which is operated since 1950s.

Shows will include both on display as well as air show wherein countries participate and showcase their technologies and flying machines.

Starting tomorrow, the air show will be held for 5 days with 2 days open for public.

Air display needs clear weather conditions, tactics and maneuvers are such that clouds act as a hindrance. Clear sky is essential, and particularly low clouds are a problem.

Bengaluru sees such weather conditions with clear skies during the day. Currently, the city may see fog and low clouds but will disperse quite quickly around 9:00 am resulting in clear skies through the day.

Image Credit: aeroindia.gov.in

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