After 48 hours, Odisha to experience heat wave conditions, intense summer heat

May 14, 2019 6:50 PM |

Odisha Weather

The state of Odisha was rain deficient until the month of April. However, at present, Odisha is rain surplus by 31 percent. This rainfall surplus can be attributed to the Cyclone Fani which has given extremely heavy rain and thundershowers over the state of Odisha.

Now, we expect that on and off rain and thundershowers to continue as a Trough is extending from Jharkhand to southern parts of the country across Odisha. Thus, rains will continue and temperatures will remain marginally below normal.

However, after two days, these rainfall activities will take a backseat and temperatures will begin to rise. Thus, areas of Titlagarh, Jharsuguda may also see heat wave conditions as well. Moreover, the city of Titlagarh usually during this time does observe sky high temperatures resulting in heat wave conditions.

Coastal areas like Bhubaneswar may also heat wave like conditions in the coming days. Being a coastal station, humidity levels increase and feel like temperatures are quite high. These high temperatures may result in incidences of heat strokes as well.

After 48 hours, weather in Odisha will go dry for at least next one week and temperatures will increase by manifold resulting in intense summer heat over these areas.

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