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After intense weather in Rajasthan, dry weather to make appearance, temperature to rise

April 17, 2019 5:37 PM |

Weather in rajasthanDuring the last two days, fairly widespread rain, thundershowers along with hailstorm activity were seen in many parts of Rajasthan due to which may casualties have also been reported. Due to strong winds, lightning strikes and violent thunderstorm, many trees were uprooted.

These activities occurred due to the Western Disturbance over the western Himalayan region which induced a Cyclonic Circulation over West Rajasthan and adjoining Pakistan. Moreover, humid winds from the Arabian Sea were also feeding moisture over these areas up to 10 to 12 km of the sea levels.

Temperatures were very high, around 40 and 41 degrees Celsius along with humidity levels, which were also high caused thunderclouds to develop over the region. These thunderclouds developed up to the vertical extent of 12-13 km. Such strong cumulonimbus are capable of giving heavy thundershowers, hailstorm, lightning as well as strong winds.

Now, the Western Disturbance has weakened and a fresh Western Disturbance is over North Pakistan. Thus, isolated thunderstorm and dust storm may continue over north and northeastern parts of Rajasthan during the next 24 hours.

Thereafter, weather systems will move away and weather will become clear for at least the coming week. Due to these weather conditions, temperatures have seen a drop to quite an extent. Earlier maximums were in the lower 40s to mid 40s, which have now come down to lower 30s to mid 30s.

Now, maximums are below normal by 6 to 9 degrees Celsius at many places. Minimums are also below normal by 4 to 6 degrees. Due to clearance of weather system, and sunshine, temperatures will rise and today there might be some increase by 3 to 4 degrees, while tomorrow they will rise even further. Next 48 hours, temperatures may reach 40 degrees but heat wave will be ruled out for now.

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