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After record number cyclones in 2019, know which years saw least number of cyclones in last 40 yrs

December 12, 2019 2:12 PM |

Rain in India2019 have broken all time record by witnessing highest number of cyclonic storms in last four decades. This year has so far seen nine cyclones. This record was earlier preceded by years 1975, 1987 and 1998 which had seen eight tropical storms.

According to meteorologists, frequency of storm varies largely from year to year. May and November are the peak months for Indian oceans. Heat potential i.e. sea surface temperatures is the main factor for the formation of the cyclones. Along with this, position and intensity of ITCZ also plays a major role, which during post as well as pre-Monsoon cyclone season remains close to equatorial region.

However, there have been some years when we have seen least number of cyclonic storms. 1990,1993 and 2011 just saw two cyclonic storms each. But not to forget, though number of cyclones were less but their severity was not compromised. Let us have a look at the cyclonic storms formed during these years:


Back then, storms were not entitled with any names and were referred as numbers. The first storm was BOB 01, which was a super cyclone, equivalent to Category 4 hurricane. It had formed between in May 4-10 and had headed to Andhra Pradesh coast.

Second was a severe cyclonic storm BOB 04B which had formed between December 14-19. It had made landfall near Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh.

1993: The year saw two cyclones both forming in the post Monsoon season. The initial storm of the year was ARB 01 between November 8-16, which was a very severe cyclonic storm. It had headed towards Gujarat but had weakened just before making the landfall.

Second storm was BOB 2, which was an extremely severe cyclonic storm between December 1-4. It had made landfall near Karaikal on the morning of December 4 and weakened subsequently.

2011: By this time, we had started naming the storms. However, it followed the same pattern as in 1993, wherein in pre-Monsoon season did not see any cyclonic storms. Both the cyclones had formed in during the post-Monsoon season.

The first storm was Keila that had formed between October 29 and November. It did not intensified beyond a cyclonic storm. It headed towards Oman, bringing some torrential storms over the region.

Meanwhile the second one was Thane, which was a very severe cyclonic storm between December 25-December 31. It was equivalent to Category 1 hurricane, making landfall on November 30 near north Tamil Nadu coast between Cuddalore and Puducherry.

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