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Air pollution in Delhi and other North Indian cities reaches alarming state

November 5, 2021 4:33 PM |

For the last few days, the wind speed has remained very low in North India and the temperature has also remained low. Due to the low speed of winds, other pollutants including smoke and dust are not able to lift up, due to which the pollution in the environment increases. Due to low air temperature, mist and haze is formed in the morning and due to this, dust and smoke stick here and forms a smog sheet.

The process of stubble burning is going on in Central Pakistan, Punjab and Haryana and particles are also reaching towards Delhi from those states. At the same time, Delhi and its surrounding areas are witnessing higher levels due to less wind speed, as pollution is not being able to get lifted. Moreover, the effect of Diwali firecrackers have been felt by manifold due to which, air pollution has reached a very dangerous condition.

Relief from air pollution can be achieved only by the influence of two weather factors. One of them is heavy rain and the other is continuous strong winds from the same direction. Right now, there is no chance of rain, but the good news is that from November 6, strong winds will blow from the north-west direction, which can give a lot of relief from air pollution.

Heavy rains immediately after Diwali in 2020 and strong winds after Diwali in 2019 brought relief from pollution. This year also, strong winds will bring relief to Delhi and North India.

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