Air quality in Delhi soars to poor category for the first time in the season

October 11, 2019 12:17 PM |


After a week of rather good air, Delhi pollution has spiked considerably in the last two days. This is for the first time in the season that Delhi’s air quality has soared near to ‘poor’ category. Air Quality Index or shortly ‘AQI’ has reached above 200 in many parts of NCR. At present, many areas in Delhi NCR are reporting air in ‘moderate to poor’ category. Whereas until now air in most of the places was in ‘satisfactory to moderate’ category. Not to surprise, morning haze has started making an appearance at some places.

The reason of this spike in pollution is the formation of a Cyclonic Circulation over Haryana and adjoining areas. Due to this, winds over Delhi and NCR are mainly light and variable.

Moreover, the minimum temperatures are also decreasing now. The Palam observatory has recorded 19.8°C in the last 24 hours. Light winds combined with low temperatures, local pollutants from industries, vehicular traffic and dust particles are making the situation worse. In the absence of any major winds, these pollutants keep lingering near the Earth surface, thus increasing the pollution.

These weather conditions are likely to persist over the region until October 14. Until then it’s a uphill ride with pollution will keep on increasing over the national capital. In fact, in the next three to four days, the pollution level may even come under ‘poor to very poor’ category.

October 15 onward the wind direction is set to change and will start blowing from East and Southeast direction. This change in wind direction might reduce the pollution to some extent. Yet, we don’t expect any significant improvement in air and it will continue to remain in ‘poor’ category.

Around October 20 and 21, winds are likely to start blowing from Northwest direction. These winds might carry the smoke of stubble burning from the neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana. Thus, a significant increase in pollution is likely. Air might even reach ‘very poor to severe’ category during this time.

Pollution may increase even further during the last week of October as festivities near and crackers burning. Smog will make an appearance any time soon over Delhi.

The last week of October will bring back the old classic Delhi Pollution back to track while turning hazardous for health.

As a fact, pollution is subject to local weather conditions. Any change in winds and occurrence of rains might always hamper the long-time forecast. Our timely actions can however always leave a mark.

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