Alert issued in three districts of Kerala, as temperatures keep on rising

February 14, 2020 6:19 PM |

Winters haven’t bid adieu to the country fully and South India seems to be welcoming Summers with all pomp. A warning has been issued recently against day temperatures rising above normal by two to four degree Celsius in three districts of Kerala comprising Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha and Kottayam.

Kottayam is already recording maximum temperatures much above the 35-degree mark and even reaching 37 degrees at instances for the past few days.

Meanwhile, the Disaster Management Authority has advised pregnant women, elderly and children to avoid direct sunlight between 11 AM and 3 PM. Also, residents are being asked to drink plenty of water and remain hydrated. People are being asked to carry along bottled water at all times. Wearing loose, light colored cotton clothing might help against combating heat.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Labour Department had rescheduled working hours for labourers while banning outdoor work between 12 noon and 3 PM.

In fact, this isn’t very new of Kerala, the south-western-most state of the country. Kerala has been heating up much before the rest of the country for the last few years. The region saw multiple locations reporting maximum temperatures much above the 30-degree mark in the month of February already.

Looking at the forecast, a relief might come in the form of isolated rains from February 19 to 21 due to elevated temperatures and peak humidity.

Above-normal temperatures (up by 1.6-3.0 degree Celsius) have also been warned for the rest of the South Peninsula, including Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and South Interior Karnataka.

The reason for this can be traced back to long running dry weather and clear skies along with the hot winds blowing over the region.

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